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I have been playing Skyrim for a while, but have held off making my decision as to which group to join.

Imperials - Looking to control the Stormcloak rebels and maintain control

Stormcloaks - Nords looking to overthrow the oppressors,  and some "terrorist" activity. Responsible for the dragon's coming back?

How did you make your choice?

What storyline might I have missed leading up to the decision (not really interested in results of decision)?

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Well the Imperials are assholes, but the Stormcloaks are racist.

I choose neither, Bob, and if they don't like it I'd like them to talk to my Battleaxe, who I have named Betsy.

I think that's why I haven't commited to either yet, neither one has stood out as the better choice.

I wish I didn't choose Stromcloacks their super racist to me now even though I was the reason they won...

Former something....

I chose the middle


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I'm in the same boat as you atm i dunno what to do q

Q_Q racism

i went imperial because of something you find out a bit in the main quest.
i was going to join the stormcloaks but i'l do it next play through
both sides lie and stuff so ok.

if you listen to the jarl of whiterun he will tell you
skyrim benifited greatly from the trade with the empire, and the empire got the greatest warriors in tamriel

I joined the Forsworn


I've only done one mission with the legion and won't be finishing the questline until last. Both sides don't deserve to have you fight for them. Since you can only pick one, assholes or racists as pointed out by another poster, neither choice is great. But to make myself feel better i kill them both whenever i find them on the roads.



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