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Forums - Music Discussion - Demon's Souls Death Metal song *Kotaku*

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The Best Death Metal Song About Demon’s Souls Sung By a Shadow of the Colossus Band You’ll Ever Hear


This is a death metal song about painfully-hard PS3 game Demon's Souls, sung by a band apparently inspired by Shadow of the Colossus. I think that's all you need to know.

OK, if you want to know more here goes: The band is called Wanda and The Colossus and the song is called Sticky White Stuff. Here's the lyrics:

Forgotten realms torn apart by the greed of the old kings.
Boletaria will never be the same.
Our savior to prevail gain the souls of the lost withdrawn from its vessle.
Each archstone brings you one step closer to freeing you from your torment, the nexus, the place you now call home.

Soul of the mind, the key to life's ether
may the maiden guide you through the light and may strength be granted
so the world might be mended,
so the world might be mended.

But you will fail again and again,
your soul in eternal pain and your journey everlasting.

All of this cuz i fucking i deam it to be so
for i am the old one,
i will break you.



In blood filled water, you will remain.
You may have a heart of gold but i will take it from you.




[Thanks Kawaiizilla and 4 Chan]





So, what'd you think of this song? I personally , really like metal - core a lot and thought it was a really cool song.

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That was rather painful.

That was pretty crap.

It pretty much sucks.

Meh... Death Metal...

Play heavy instrumentals, find someone with a real bad sore throat, give him some lyrics, then tell him to read them out loud. Poof! Death Metal.

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The music is pretty good, but the vocals are pretty stereotypical.

The problem with most death metal is that the vocalists seem to take pride in making sure that you don't understand them, The music though, is usually excellent (especially the drums).

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i'd give it a listen but that would require i pause the boyz II men album i'm listening too...

Not too bad. I appreciate the lyrics more than the song.

I just hate the vocals. Power Symphonic Progressive and Folk Metal FTW!

I love it.