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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo announces new Zelda themed 3DS SKU

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Release: November 25th in Europe


Since I usually don't visit Neogaf... Real or not? xD

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That's one sexy 3DS, hope it will be released for my region... if it does i'll buy one and sell my old one.

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Must... have... it...

Does look really nice, i would of usually been all over this, but until the redesign comes out with the second stick, or the second stick idea dies a death, im out :(

Several websites are running a story that NoE announced this for November 25, but so far I haven't found confirmation on the official site. I think it's legit though, because NoE is sometimes just slow to update their website after having already sent out announcements to some gaming websites.

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Rumour to be NoE only.

The news is spreading through the web but i can`t see a confirmation on any Nintendo official site that i visited.
If this is true... WOW!
Now, where`s the Wii special Skyward Sword version?

shit!! this looks awesome!! : )

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Where is it?

I want to see it.



Galaki said:
Rumour to be NoE only.

What is NoA doing???! They're pissing me off...