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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Metroid other M for $9.99

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It's a very good game.
A lot better than some people would want you to believe.

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that is the is right price, how much I hated that game!


Considering it takes about 20-22h to finish the game and find secrets and no replay value. I'd say the right price should be around 19$, at 10 price you get really good deal. The game is good (apart from narration)... sure you'd expect a Metroid game to be superb at least.

I really enjoyed Metroid Other M. Although I already bought, played and traded it in, I'll pick it up again just to have in my collection at that price.

Fortunately for me there's a Futureshop right in the building I work in, and according to the website, they have it in stock.


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If I bought it for this price, I might not have felt ripped off.

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spurgeonryan said:
Only problem is where is this store at? It is sold out online! Arggggh I was so close.

According to your profile your American, sorry but FutureShop is Canada's largest electronics retailer (now owned by BestBuy) but to my knowledge their are no outlets in the United States!


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not a bad price in the UK either

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but nvm