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Forums - Sony Discussion - Prediction: Teaser for the next God of War in the upcoming Collection

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Will the next Gow be teased in the Origins Collection?

Yes 1 5.88%
No 9 52.94%
Maybe 7 41.18%
See results 0 0%

Hey everyone! I just wanted to post a simple prediction that the upcoming God of War: Origins Collection will contain some sort of teaser for the next entry in the franchise. It is just a gut feeling really. I can't see Sony releasing a game like this without some sort of worthwile bonus. I'm thinking either a message on the back of the instruction manual or a short vid after you beat the game. I'm guessing the next game will be for Vita.

So what do you think of my prediction? Spot on? Crazy? We'll find out soon.

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I disagree. I think we'll see the teaser for God of War IV during the VGA's.

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Will they want to give a teaser or spring it as a surprise (i.e. at TGS)? Not sure which is why i said maybe on the poll.

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i voted maybe but i'll give you this one.

if so you'll likely have to beat the game.

I doubt it...It's more of a No than Maybe..