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Which game do you want more?

Starhawk 26 45.61%
Twisted Metal 26 45.61%
Both will suck equally! 5 8.77%

With all the comparisons to mega hyped games, I've decided to compare two relatively low key games: Starhawk and Twisted Metal. 

If you're interested in reading about both games, then read below. If not, then you can skip the next few paragraphs and answer the questions. (pretty please)


Firstly, I'd like to note their similarities. These are two PS3 exclusives release sometime next year, most likely in the first half of the year.

Starhawk and Twisted Metal are being developed by EatSleepPlay and LightBox interactive respectively. Both of which are formed by former members of the defuct, Sony studio, Incognito Entertainment. Not uncommon to the PS3, both games have been in development for quite a while; with Starhawk rumored to be in development back in March 2009, and Twisted Metal being in development since sometime in 2008. 

Both will have a single player mode, however, the most important aspect of the games will be their multiplayer. Both look to offer co-op & online multiplayer with both games supporting 4-player splitscreen, a component missing in most games this generation. Both of the games will offer matchmaking & server lists, a rare combo in most online games. Developers will often offer server lists OR matchmaking, instead of both.   

Both of the games, if similar to past games, will not be noob-friendly games & will likely have high learning curves; offering fast-paced continuous action requiring split-second decisions that will play major importance into how games play out. Vehicular combat & destruction will play a large role in both of the games, so expect both games to offer fresh, unique multiplayer experiences. 

Now, for the differences.

In Starhawk players will have the ability to play the game on foot without the use of vehicles, unlike Twisted Metal where players are always in some sort of car, truck, motorcycle, etc. Twisted Metal's gameplay will consist mostly of ground vehicles with air vehicles being less important. Starhawk, on the other hand, will give be  more aircraft-focused than Twisted Metal is.

Starhawk will also offer a new system called Build-and -Battle. This allows players to create a variety of stuctures such as bunkers, defenses, and armories in the midst of battle, giving the game a RTS feel while remaining a third-person shooter. This opens up the door for an infinite number of strategies that will likely make every game a unique one. This blend of genres can be quite an innovation for multiplayer gaming. 

Twisted Metal's campaign mode can be played through co-op or through single player, but Starhawk's campaign mode can only be played through single-player. Dylan Jobe has stated that this is because he wanted players to have a more personal relatoinship with the lead character, Emmit Graves. He stated that Starhawk will offer a co-op mode, seperate from the main campaign. The main campaign for Starhawk will last 5-8 hours, but the length of the campaign for Twisted Metal hasn't been revealed yet. 


Some similarities between the games:
- Both are PS3 exclusives releasing in 2012.
- Both franchises will be new to the PS3 (although Starhawk is the spiritual successor to Warhawk)
- Both developers are formed by  members of the former Sony Studio, Incognito Entertainment.
- Both games offer 4-player splitscreen.
- Neither game will be noob-friendly.
- Both games to be fast paced with vehicular combat being the main aspect of both games.

Some differences
- Starhawk will allow the use of infantry while Twisted Metal won't
- Starhawk will introduce a new system call "Build n' Battle"
- Starhawk will offer 32-players online while Twisted Metal offers 16.
- Twisted Metal's campaign mode will be co-op while Starhawk's campaign will be strictly solo.
- Twisted Metal will consist of mostly of ground vehicles with Starhawk being more equal.

I have some questions for you guys. I know we know little about the games so far, but try your best.
- which one do you want more? (if any)
- which one will sell more?
- which one will score higher?

Although Twisted Metal didn't quite get the same praise Starhawk recieved, keep in mind the latest Twisted Metal game (TM: Black) recieved a 91 Metacritic.

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i like both and will get both and have a blast

- which one do you want more? (if any) both
- which one will sell more? lets not kid ourselves. twisted metal
- which one will score higher? both around 80 metric

Twisted metal is my longest played playstation franchise. Without a doubt, I will be having road rage on this game hardcore. This is going to be the ultimate playstation online game.

Here are a few awards that Starhawk won at E3:
- Best Multiplayer — PlayStation Universe (Winner)
- Best Multiplayer — (Winner)
- Best Surprise — (Winner)
- Best Multiplayer — G4TV X-Play (Winner)
- Best Multiplayer – RipTen (Winner)
- Best PS3 Game –RipTen (Winner)

Jay520 said:
Here are a few awards that Starhawk won at E3:
- Best Multiplayer — PlayStation Universe (Winner)
- Best Multiplayer — (Winner)
- Best Surprise — (Winner)
- Best Multiplayer — G4TV X-Play (Winner)
- Best Multiplayer – RipTen (Winner)
- Best PS3 Game –RipTen (Winner)

That is impressive, but I think it would be good if the both do well. From the little I have seen from this game, it just looked like a normal shooter that does not stand out much.

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i am more hyped for Starhawk...but i think Twisted Metal will also be a loooooooooooooooooot of fun....

Hmm really want both but if i am going to choose one that i want more will probably it will be Starhawk. Official Playstation Vita Thread! Come in and join!!!

I think Starhawk will be better.

Starhawk.Looks so much interesting in my eyes.

Both will be way too awesome to miss any of them. If you're a true gamer, you HAVE to get both.

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