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Forums - PC Discussion - Who is going to get Star Wars: The Old Republic?

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Just curious to see how many VGC members are interested in SW TOR and plan on getting it when it releases.



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I'm totally getting it, I loved KotoR and I can play MMO's, so its a dream come true :D

Already pre-ordered! :)

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Got the collector's edition pre-ordered. I plan on playing Sith Empire as a sith inquisitor sorcerer path. I am also attempting to get a guild going, and I have enough people to do it, but it requires everyone to obtain a pre-order code and a lot of my friends don't do the whole pre-order thing.

considering it. i wouldn't mind a better startreck mmo either

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I don't know we'd have to see. It can easily be just another knock off MMO.

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I never played any of the previous games but I am getting this. Too bad my gaming hours are growing thinner and thinner.

I was super hyped for it but now since there not shipping to PAL country's or not making any oceanic servers for launch i lost alot of hype. It all depends on how long it takes them to finally get it over here

I don't ever see myself paying a monthly fee to play one game so I guess I am not interested.

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not me
I don't buy any MMOs with monthly fee.