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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - *Best Nintendo Franchise Elimination Game*

*Note* Please Read Rules

Influenced by following thread:

1 + Vote & 1 - Vote every 3 hours, + Adds 2 points while - Subtracts 3 points.

Franchises: (Also, Mario counts as 2D, 3D, Kart, Party, Sports, Luigi's Mansion, WarioWare, and DK)

Also, I only picked your favorite might not be on the list.


The Nintendo Franchise Elimination Game is over!


#10) Wii ?

#9) Animal Crossing

#8) Kirby

#7) F-Zero

#6) Pikmin

#5) StarFox

#4) Pokemon

#3) Metroid

#2) Mario

#1) Zelda

Thanks to all who voted and please vote in the Microsoft Elimination Game as the Sony one has been completed(God Of War wins) and the Microsoft Game is no where near done...

Final note: Pikmin should have been higher LOL.

Microsoft Franchise Elimination Game:

Sony Franchise Elimination Game:

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+ Animal Crossing
- Metroid

+ Zelda

- Animal crossing


Don't worry about not lising a franchise, you've listed pretty much all of the most loved franchies on Nintendo.

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+ Zelda
- Wii



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-Animal Crossing

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+ Zelda
- Animal Crossing

+ Mario
- Wii ___

+ Metroid
- Wii Whatever

-Animal Crossing

+ Zelda
- Pikmin