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Welcome one and all to the third annual Wii Secret Santa event!  If you're eligible to join, please do.  If you have any questions, consult the FAQ below, or just ask me, and I'll get back to you promptly.


The event is open to all members who have at least 100 posts (fewer posts may be acceptable: ask for details). The event ends December 15th. On that date, I will PM you the identity of your Tiny Tim, and a separate list of codes (only one of which is your Santa). Games will be sent out between December 16th and December 31st. Participants will give and receive Virtual Console and/or WiiWare games to their "Tiny Tims." You will never know who your "Santa" is (i.e. the person who gave you the gift) unless your Santa chooses to reveal him or herself to you.

Which game(s) to gift is entirely up to you, although you may request certain titles/genres, and you may ask me for recommendations on titles if you feel that's necessary.

As to how much you need to give, it's entirely up to you: if all you can afford is a $5 VC game, that's cool. If you want to make someone's Christmas by dumping $50 worth of games on them, that's cool too! But remember: this is about spirit and community, so please join if it's at all feasible!

If you want to join, post in this thread and give me the country your Wii is made for, your Wii Code (If you don't know how to find that, click here), and whether or not you own a Classic Controller/Gamecube controller/Balance Board.


I have the Homebrew Channel. Can I still join?

I'm not an expert on the subject, but I believe there are ways to access the Wii Shop Channel despite not having the latest firmware. Click here to find out how.




What if the person already has the game I want to buy them?

I will include in the PM a link to your Tiny Tim's game collection, so that you can make sure to not buy them something they already have. For that reason, please update your own game collection, including retail copies (Nintendo won't tell Santa to not buy you Link to the Past if you own the SNES or GBA cartridge, for instance...) to make life easier for Santa. If by some chance someone falls through the cracks, don't worry about it: Nintendo will tell you that your Tim already owns that game, and it will ask you to select another. So don't worry about wasting money.

Speaking of money, how much should we spend?

That's completely up to you. There is no minimum or maximum; you can buy your person a NES game, or you can get them Crystal Chronicles. Heck, you can buy them the entire VC catalogue, if you're feeling up to it. Remember that it really is the thought that counts, so if all you can give is $5, or if that $5 game kicks more expensive games' a**es, then go for it!

What if I'm the only person from my country who participates?

Because Nintendo hates holiday cheer, we can only gift games to someone in our own country. Consequently, if you're not feeling up to changing the settings on your Wii, I'll send you a regretful PM telling you that your country-men are a bunch of Scrooges. But I'll still wish you a Merry Christmas! Or Channukah, or whatever floats your boat. Remember kids, Santa and Christmas are both Capitalist, not Christian!

What if I sign up, but later can't participate for whatever reason?

Please just PM me such some time before December 15th, so that I can adjust accordingly. We don't want some poor soul to go without a Virtual Console/WiiWare game this Christmas, do we?

Can I tell other site members about this?

Please do! The more the merrier, even if it will result in my having a logistical nightmare on my hands. But what's a migraine compared to the smile on a child's face?

What happens if my Santa doesn't get me something when they should?

Bad things, my friend.

Bad things.

But don't worry if you're the one left out in the cold. We'll come up with something to cheer you up, although we didn't have a single disappointed soul in the last two years in spite of having over a hundred people join, so I wouldn't worry about this.

I want to participate, but I have less than a hundred posts. What can I do?

Sign up anyways. We're pretty trusting, so you'll probably get in, unless someone objects, and it never hurts to try. Besides, it's Christmas!

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I was hoping you were going to do this again. I had a lot of fun with it last year and I'm looking forward to participating again this year... I need to get working on updating my game collection.

Country: United States
Controllers: Wiimote Nunchuck, MotionPlus, Classic Controller.
Wii System Code: 1838336344768265

Glad to have you onboard!

I'm in this year, am a Crazy Canuck when it comes to country matching.

Edit - Wii number: 8849 5483 3293 0527

I believe it's a US Wii with the country selector set as Canada.

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Back for my third year.  Still in Canada.  Have all controllers.

Is it okay if I give my Santa some suggestions?  Like Jett Rocket or Monkey Island Ep 4/5?

Wii Code: (doesn't this make the Secret Santa not so secret now?) 7338-0693-4771-6796


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Gamerace said:

Back for my third year.  Still in Canada.  Have all controllers.

Is it okay if I give my Santa some suggestions?  Like Jett Rocket or Monkey Island Ep 4/5?

Not a problem!  I'll be sure to pass on the message for you.

I'm kinda tight on money, I'll see what I can do. Last year was nice, so I don't want to miss this one out! ^_^


SuperAdrianK said:

I'm kinda tight on money, I'll see what I can do. Last year was nice, so I don't want to miss this one out! ^_^

Hope you can join us, as we'd love to have you back!

Sign me up yet again  

Code: 5882-9717-7391-0918

Region: US

Add ons: All of them... seriously all of them...


My owned list should be up to date.

My wishlist however is not, I've been looking at Megaman 10, Rage of the Gladiator, the second/third Pheonix Wright games, Castlevania rebirth, or one of the bit trip games, Wii Ware games over VC pretty much lol

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Sign me up!

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