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Click on these fucking radio buttons

Yes 6 13.64%
No 0 0.00%
I am ambivalent 5 11.36%
I have a dynamic IP so I voted again 13 29.55%
No account, but can vote 4 9.09%
No account, voted again 1 2.27%
Polls mean fuck-all due to the above reasons 15 34.09%

OK I had requests and not-so subtle hints, so here is the Greasemonkey script wot you can use to ignore my shitty posts and all such similar droppings by other people. Now on GitHub! Click the "raw" button to install straight into your browser. (version 0.1.8)

Apologies for delays, and pre-emptive apologies for not updating the other things (no-one really seems interested lately).


Someone posted something completely bloody stupid! You don't want to read more of their shit, for concern that you may get infected by their stupid disease. So you look below their idiot words and OH HEY AN IGNORE BUTTON. All forum posts by the offender will be henceforth collapsed into unobtrusive rectangles with a proud message that you are ignoring them, replete with an "undo" link if you don't actually want this (or want to see if they have improved as a human being).

As a nice bonus (and because I love you all), this will also address a couple of other concerns with the site, such as colour-coded text in the Forum Buddy for narrow viewports, fixed URLs to dead domains (now you can understand ban reasons again!), better labels for your browser tabs, and other nice things.


It's not global though because I don't even come here unless I've had too much whiskey, so don't expect this to be extensive or even GOOD. it only works here (on Gamrconnect forum posts), and not on walls or articles or game db comments, because that would already be more work than has been put into such things by people who got paid, yo.


With apologies to Words of Wisdom (and in a way, also to TalonMan)


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thanks the red coloring works, it takes a second to load but it isnt a problem

A thousand blessings upon you!  My eyes could not be more grateful.

oh thank you sir this is MUCH easier on the eyes :D

Big fan of the blue,  brings me back to the old days of vgchartz

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lovin me some blue, and its so much easier on the eyes

Great! Now I feel like a Nintendo fan again!

noname2200 said:

A thousand blessings upon you!  My eyes could not be more grateful.

A second thousand blessings!

I'm perfectly fine with green. I honestly wonder what kind of monitors people are using and their settings. That said Blue is my favorite color and this is a nice shade of it so I'm using it! Thank you.

Blue looks very nice, thanks for that. Shame that the time it takes to load is noticeable, but anything is better than that green, I think I'll start using it. Much appreciated