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Windows 7, anyone else have it?

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 54 31.40%
I have Windows 7 Pro 38 22.09%
I have Windows 7 Home 45 26.16%
I have XP 16 9.30%
I have a Mac 3 1.74%
Other 15 8.72%

yep I'm using it and it's awesome.

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It was an ok switch from XP. I didn't really need it, but it in no way irritated me.

I've set mine to Japanese interface, now it's going to be running stable until I can read well enough to mess up with it in good conscience.

I like it better than vista, and it's much faster..

thank you rafichamp for windows vista ultimate



Vista Ultimate here! its not that bad, probably gonna upgrade to windows 7 pro in a few months

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dsister44 said:
I have Vista :D

Don't see any reason to upgrade now

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I have W7 Ultimate, vista is good also.

For me:

Win 7 >>> Vista >>>>> Xp >> Me >> 98 >> 95 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3.11

yep on Vista Ultimate myself and i think its the best OS MS has released so far its just damn near perfect imo.

had it on my vista pc

it's still slow, went back to ubuntu, though i keep it my vaio to play aion, it have beefier cpu

Got the "3-pack" deal the day Windows 7 launched :)

Much better than Vista, and I like how windows actually included boththe 32 and 64 bit O/S's.

Have 32 bit on my notebook (since I only have 3 Gigs of ram) and 64 on my dekstop (since it has 4 gigs of ram)

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I have Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, but I need to add more RAM and get a better CPU to really start to make use of it.

With the $30 student pre-order deal it was worth it even if I'm just sticking with XP for the moment.