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    Kasz216's Wall

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    < fatslob-:O posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    You've been gone for 3 straight months ...

    It looks like he's not coming back for good ... :(

    on 14 February 2015

    Yup, he is definitely gone forever

    on 14 February 2016

    < Smeags posted something on Kasz216's wall:


    < think-man posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    Who was he http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/profile/112179/jet2014/#content ?

    hahaha nevermind I just saw you reply xD

    on 12 May 2014

    < selnor1983 posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    Hi Kaz. Are you the head mod?

    Nope, that'd be Joe.


    on 09 March 2014

    < stabface posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    Sorry for busting balls in that tail thread. I kid, I kid

    < NintendoPie posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    "Locked for terrible."

    Heh, that was good!

    < kirby007 posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    Write on his wall...sorry to bother you but could i post this video?


    < badgenome posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    Huh. There might be a Square-Enix published mech RPG with heavy focus on customization... that is not Front Mission: http://collective.square-enix.com/projects/7/world-war-machine

    Seems.... interesting, except for the Square-Enix part, as they don't seem to know how to price anything that isn't a console game without trying to excessively gouge.

    on 27 January 2014

    The Square-Enix Tax™

    on 27 January 2014

    To bad it stopped being worth a tax a couple generations ago.

    on 27 January 2014

    < Player2 posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    Kasz, was approved by the mod team to unban Wander_? Because he is. He has logged in, so he is aware of it.

    < Stefl1504 posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=174512 Steam Secret Santa if you are interested

    < Kaizar posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    Check out the awesomeness of 2014:


    Trailers are in the 4th OP.


    on 23 December 2013

    < Ponyless posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    What's the game in your sig about? I checked the link you put to it's steam page and the video got me really interested in it, reminds me a bit of fallout 1 and 2. I figured you played it and know better than anyone

    It's kinda similar to fallout in that it's a hex based SRPG. It comes with a super easy to learn editor, so there is tons of extra content, so it's a lot like Never winter nights in that regard.

    The setting presence is basically "Assume that high fantasy settings like Lord of the rings were real, just thousands of years ago and that magic works in cycles" Then at some point in the modern day world, magic hits it's cycle and comes back, so elves, Dwarves, Orcs and Trolls are born back into this world through humans mutating, Dragons reawaken and become major players, and corporations end up overpowering the governments and the world becomes cyberpunk with people installing all kinds of cybernetics.

    Characters known as Shadowrunners end up getting hired to do all sorts of deeds.

    on 20 November 2013

    And then, Shadowrun on the 360 ruined everything and there was no happy end.

    on 20 November 2013

    < MegaDrive08 posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    Thanks for the link, an intetesting read.

    < Mr Khan posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    This is an interesting one http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/new-american-center-1113

    That is fascinating... though I seems somewhat presented poorly to me. For example the diversity issues seem somewhat cherry picked. Voter ID laws and immigration reform are generally, REALLY unpopular even among democrats.

    On Background checks, a majority of republicans support Background checks. However, whenever polled about a specific background check, suddenly even like half of democrats are against it.

    Also, the left are less likely to have read a book than the right? That's surprising?

    on 15 October 2013

    I would suspect that the left as a whole has greater illiteracy, yeah. Even if the only book some on the Right have read is the bible, you're more likely to get poor illiterates.

    on 15 October 2013

    Oh. Read a book... as in ever. For some reason I was thinking of it in a "In the last year" sense.

    on 15 October 2013

    Oh jesus, that was all affirmative action. Wtf.

    on 16 October 2013

    < happydolphin posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    You just blew my mind. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=5718944

    How so? Quite honestly the historicity of certain parts the bible is quite a fascinating topic, often ruined by people being overly defensive about the bible and quoting scripture and faith directly, and by people trying to uncritically trash religion out of strange hateful motives.

    Really, the hateful atheist hurts the cause of atheists quite a bit. It's funny I know a lot of people like them, that will see stuff in the op and take it as face value true, simply because they want to be.
    Generally they tend to be ex evangelicals or ex strict catholics, who eventually rebelled vs their faith but never really picked up the critical learning skills that were left out of their education.

    on 10 October 2013

    And that's what I loved about your reply to dsgrue, in that you saw right through his penchant, as did I. I was going to reply that his post was irrelevant, but you did it so much more eloquently.

    Also, I have tried to support the historicity of Christ using ex-gospel material in another thread, but I was never able to convince anyone. I think the more you distance yourself from your profession of faith while debating and the more consistent you are with how other pagan historical figures are judged, the better footing you have to support the historicity of Christ. I think that's what you did and it's working.

    on 10 October 2013

    Well it's sort of easy for me. I grew up essentially in an agnostic environment where my parents specifically refused to tell me whether they believed in god or not.

    Religion was a very abstract thing for me until I was old enough to comprehend it myself.

    on 10 October 2013

    < DonFerrari posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    The OP wasn't ment to criticize or complain about mods, just to hear the silliest bans (even if justified), but ok.

    < Seece posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    Hey Kasz! Wanna predict? - http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=168779&page=1

    < Augen posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    Always a good chat. The question seems to be how to achieve greater empathy in thought. Our limitation is that we never can truly understand how someone else views and processes the world. We never conceive of something, so cannot imagine why anyone else would.

    Your links on racism and white privilege are good example of this. If you never directly observe something that is in the background of a culture it is easy to miss. as you say even more educated of a given populace ranks can struggle with the "invisible hands" that guide cultures.

    < Final-Fan posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    So, not for any particular reason at the moment, but when you said there was a particular thread to go to when complaining about moderations, where is that?

    < badgenome posted something on Kasz216's wall:

    What does this remind you of? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTgUZfdjb1U

    A combination of Front Mission and Super Robot Wars. Though by the way you say it, it sounds like it isn't a front mission game, which is weird because they pretty much copied the font and english words completely.

    on 20 September 2013

    Yeah, it's not one. It's just looks eerily enough like one to HURT MY HEART.

    on 20 September 2013

    Makes me wonder about the gameplay as well though... whole thing sorta makes it feel like "Front Mission 100 years in the future". Or something. Also reminds me of Mechwarrior. Which I'm actually trying to get into the Mechwarrior Beta. Seems, interesting.

    on 20 September 2013

    Oh, and speaking of Mechwarrior. http://megamek.info/ is sort of neat, you can always play a game locally vs bots, or a friend or yourself or what ever. Not the same as Front Mission, but still pretty fun as far as mech based tactics games go.

    on 20 September 2013

    Damascus Gear Whatever looks kind of like Gun Hazard if it had taken its cues from top down twin stick shooters instead of side scrollers.

    I'll have to poke around at that later today. Looks pretty cool.

    on 20 September 2013

    Oh and by Mechwarrior Beta I mean Mechwarrior "tactics" not the other Mechwarrior game.

    on 20 September 2013

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