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    Will This Be The Last Console Generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 April 2016

    Well of course i want a console that's constantly connected to servers that can easily get hacked at anytime. heaven forbid i want to let my friend borrow my game, that would be to difficult in 2016-onward you know with technology getting "better" Change isn't whats scary it's the "Details" in the change that CAN be scary, very scary. By using nothing more than comparison what about this? Tell...

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    Which is the best Fire Emblem game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 April 2016

    Well for me it has to be #7 fire emblem for GBA. Sacred swords wasn't as good although i did like the optional side battles it offered. got to chapter 21 or so and couldn't beat fire emblem 6 Binding blade, but still a great game. Fire emblem for the 3ds "Awakening" was good i loved the amount of content and the relationship choices. At the end of the day though the storyline didn't quite hold up...

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    Joker VS. Carnage

    in General Discussion on 23 February 2016

    I see it this way Joker get's more publicity but Carnage is the baddest and meanest villian ever. I mean c'mon half alien half serial killer thats crazy!!! Carnage is my all time favorite super hero/ villain. I wanted to cry when spiderman 4 never came out in 2010 it would have been the best super hero movie of all time, givin they did it right. (Sorry batman) They then went on to destroy...

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    Bought a new 3DS finally! Which games do you advice me to do?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 January 2016

    Dude for jrpg's i can't believe no one has suggested Tales of the Abyss. This game is incredible i am a longtime final fantasy, fire emblem, and golden sun fan. Along with those i have put over 250 hours into morrowind years ago played Star wars Knights of the old republic 2 along with others. So i have played turn based RPG, Turn based strategy RPG, Action RPG, open world RPG. To put it simply i...

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    China officially ends three-decade-old one child policy

    in Politics Discussion on 30 December 2015

    Uhhh the world has finite resources and with the quality of living going up every day that means more resources being used/wasted. Literally there are only so many fish in the sea and animals on land how to we presume to feed 7+ billion people in the next 30 years? The world is in a population crises and people either don't know about it, don't care, or don't think there is a problem at all. I...

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    Does the "Tales of" Series Need a Break?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 December 2015

    Really? people don't want more of a good thing? If someone doesn't like a game releasing every year it's because A. They just don't like that game/series or B. they used to like those games but apparently have changed their tastes. I think people's main problem with storyline's are the fact that we've seen just about every story possible through books movies and games. Because of that people are...

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    Bandai Namco trademarks Tales of Zestiria the X, Tales of the Rays in Europe

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 December 2015

    I'm new to the tales series (longtime Final Fantasy fan) and i have to say I am very impressed i'm playing abyss right now on the 3ds (my first tales game) and i love it. The characters are insanely deep, each one with a refreshingly original personality that isn't so cut and dry. The story (which i heard that tales games stories were lacking) I have to say is awesome man right up there with FF 7...

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    Galaga I know the best player in the world

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 August 2015

    @ AZW lol i know right...

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    Galaga I know the best player in the world

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 August 2015

    He's got the record and here's the video for proof! it's a youtube video enjoy!

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    Galaga I know the best player in the world

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2015

    Well he doesn't have the record yet for marathon which according to wikipedia is 15,990,000 or so. My cousins score was "hero 7" which apparently stands for 7 million, he had 7,348,740 with 37183 shots fired and 31620 shots hit for a 85.0% hit percentage. He doesn't have the record yet but he is getting there. He's just shaking off 20 years of rust. When he gets the record i will put the video on...

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    Galaga I know the best player in the world

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 March 2015

    somebody cares :) ...

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    Galaga I know the best player in the world

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 March 2015

    Yeah picture's are the key or video hell both would be the best just to have something to verify it. But gamer's don't really care about records anymore which is fine there is enough competition about who or what's the best before people even start playing the games but it's also nice to have something to strive for (isn't this why everyone loves trophies?) after you beat a game. To be able to go...

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    Galaga I know the best player in the world

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 March 2015

    Well I think i know the greatest player in the world and he happens to be my cousin. Yeah compared to games nowadays galaga is laughable in terms of graphics, sound, and storyline, BUT the one think it does have over games today is difficulity, that game is hard. I don't think i could get to level 10 and i have been gaming for 20 years. Granted not everyone can be good at every game, but still...

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    Some dude is selling a microwaved nn3ds on ebay for $11,315

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 February 2015

    Yeah that's retarded i don't understand why people do this. This is what makes getting your hands on something rare even harder especially the classic stuff which this will be in like 20 years. Pointless, not funny, not cool....

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    Post and rate the game you are playing now

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 February 2015

    Final Fantasy 6 remake on the ps1 i have only played through and beat it once and that was for the GBA a few years ago so i wanted to go back and really pay close attention to the character's personalities and interactions and see how it all ties in with the story. First time around playing 8/10 expecting it to be higher with the beautiful cut scenes that help portray the world better. Is...

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    Iwata Cites Cheaper Software/More Remakes For 3DS, No Price Cuts.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 February 2015

    Wait till Nintendo surprises us all and releases a remake of final fantasy 5 and 6 for the N3DS and to make us shit ourselves Nintendo will remake mario RPG legend of the seven stars with DLC sidequests for all 3 games. :) ...

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    what is the most important element in a rpg for you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 January 2015

    The storyline for sure it makes all the things you do in the game worthwhile....

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    How can Nintendo expect to sell WiiU's when they are so damn overpriced??

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 December 2014

    "Zekkyou" said this: "Doesn't change the fact your original comment is nonsense. The estimated lifetime (5~ years) energy cost of an X1 is about $150." I'm glad he knows how much energy a system uses over a 5 year time span when he's assuming how much time someone is gonna spend on a console gaming per day (which he didn't even specify) when everybody's gaming time varies by an incredible amount...

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    Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Gets a 4.3 on IGN

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 November 2014

    Is it really that bad just comparing it overall as a game and not expecting things, since it IS a completely reinvented sonic game i think we all want a remake of sonic adventure 1 ( me too) but then we would all bitch about it being a rehash of an older sonic game, some fans you just can't please. I think people are stuck in the past, i like sonic boom on the 3ds has some speed with good...

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    Should Camelot attempt to revive Golden Sun?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 November 2014

    Great rpg's i would love for them to make another one everything is good and right on except for the long conversions that do tend to have a bit to much unnecessary writing, but they can fix that easily. Please make a remake with more focus on character relationships and shorter text....

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