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    < Mnementh posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    Hello. As the year comes to the end VGC holds annually it's greatest game event. In this event every participant posts his personal top 50 of greatest games of all time at the last 50 days of the year - one game each day. On November 12th the game #50 and at December 31st the game #1. Do you wanna join this year? Sign-up thread is here:

    < RolStoppable posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    You have too much faith in humanity. If satire required that everyone needs to get it, then it couldn't exist.

    Satire is meant to criticize *and expose* the flaws in other people's thinking or stance through humor, irony, ridicule, exaggeration, etc. If the satire is so subtle that those satirized don't get it, then it has failed in its most basic function. There's a difference between satire and trolling. One looks to instruct people in their errors through irony in hopes of causing them to reflect on what they believe and change their thinking, one seeks to bait people for a response that the alleged satirist can roll their eyes at. That's why Swift proposed something as astoundingly outlandish in "A Modest Proposal" as opposed to something subdued. Because if those being satirized didn't get the message then what was the point.

    There's a reason why satire is regarded and a risky and very challenging medium to write in.

    Your works aren't the worst I've ever seen, I've seen much worse. But the fact threads like this pop up every other week from you and others and all go the exact same way is getting mildly tedious.

    on 27 September 2018

    I've written so many threads with outlandish claims that people still didn't get. The current thread isn't good work because it was quickly put together, but no amount of work will meet your ideal.

    There are way too many people with either short attention spans or such a tunnel vision that they can only see console wars. So what point does that leave then?

    Relief for the people who see the errors, because they get assured that they aren't the only ones who see the errors, and the topics in question are delivered in a lighthearted manner as opposed to the trench wars in serious discussions.

    on 27 September 2018

    < LipeJJ posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    Is your avy from Castlevania?

    Nope. It's from an art contest I competed in in high school. Not one of mine, still lifes make poor avatars :P. The competitor was actually in a Junior in high school if you can believe it. I just like the image and find it kind of fitting.

    on 28 February 2018

    Wow, that's a really impressive drawing... especially for a high school student. Puts my drawings to shame. hahaha

    on 28 February 2018

    I just reminded me of Castlevania because it's very baroque and gothic. I love it.

    on 28 February 2018

    < OTBWY posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    Thanks for accepting.

    You're welcome :)

    on 19 October 2017

    A fellow Nintendo fan is a fellow Nintendo fan.

    on 19 October 2017

    I like your posts a lot! Very logical Nintendo fan(I hope that isn't offensive). Also what a coincidence, just picked up Fast Racing RMX today haha

    Thank you :). And no offense taken. I'm drawn to the Nintendo community here and am a fan of their games but I'm not entrenched in some allegiance to them. I have a PS4 and PC and had a 360 a while back. I actually drifted away from Nintendo around 2008 ish and didn't reconnect until late 2014. So I've got plenty of good memories on other platforms.

    Oh and Fast RMX is really good, imo. I actually 100% championship mode in the vanilla version, now working on the Remix courses provided in the new update (which are freaking hard btw). Hope you enjoy it :)

    on 19 September 2017

    Ahhh I understand! I didn't get into Nintendo until like late 2014. Didn't play my first Zelda/Metroid/Fire Emblem till 2015. Didn't finish a Mario game till 2014 or get past the first two gyms in a pokemon till 2015. Needless to say I had a DS and a Wii as a kid, but the Wii was just the Mario Party/Smash/Mario Kart/Wii Sports machine. And the DS I practically wasted because i didn't know how to play games well.

    My point is that I definitely get ya lol, Xbox was what really got me into games. Right now I have a Switch/3DS/PS4/pretty good PC. Still, it's nice to see a level headed person on the forums

    Lol, so I played it and it was so good! Think I already spent 5 ish hours on it in one night! I looked at my phone and realized it was 5 am in the morning when I was done playing! Haha xD I had to force myself to put it down

    on 19 September 2017

    < Nautilus posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    For you that is excited for Fast RMX:It seems Shinen plans to release the game as soon as possible, and if they could, even make launch day.The only thing holding them back is that Nintendo still seems to need to lay out all the online infrastruture.Hopefully Nintendo gets this working soon.

    Oh, as for source, heard it from Easy Allies, Bloodworth talked with the developers.

    on 15 January 2017

    Wow, cool!

    on 15 January 2017

    < Lonely_Dolphin posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    Did you think you could get away with this, that we really wouldn't notice? Are you that daft mate? We've been lenient up until now, but one more time, just one more instance out of you, and that's it, you're done, finished even.


    on 01 April 2016

    Don't play coy, you know what you did.

    on 01 April 2016

    If this is about poking the sacred cow of the Zelda franchise with the occasional pointy stick, I assure you I have only the best intentions :P

    on 01 April 2016

    < VersusEvil posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    Thanks for accepting, i've wondered for a long time but whats your avy?

    Well, it's not a self portrait as some have suggested :P . It's just a picture from a competition that I really liked. Always thought it suited me well enough :P. Believe it or not, the artist behind it was 17.

    on 21 March 2016

    Damn, alt of talent there for 17!

    on 21 March 2016

    < uran10 posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    The Legendary Pokemon (and hopefully not unfair) elim game is here:

    Not gonna let that go, eh? :P

    I might check it out, thanks for the heads up. :)

    on 03 January 2016

    < Cloudman posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    Thanks for the support for Typhlosion in the Pokemon elimination game. : ) We didn't win, but we got pretty far in.

    < uran10 posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    Well sir, I just wanted to let you know that in the next Pokemon elim game (it will be legends with the same format) the type based move will change to just be a move. It will allow Pokemon to have 4 types and allow for it be fair, however this will also lead to me implementing STAB so a water type based move from a water type will do more than if it was done from a different type. Just to let you know more balancing that will be done to this format.

    Sorry if I ruffled your feathers a bit. I don't think the game was over all bad or heavily unbalanced, just that now there's a very heavy emphasis on groups and almost none on individuals. In the first you had so many options in your individual vote, now it's more a game of team coordination or blindly hoping to get lucky that people on your side make the right choice. And also removing the ability to use multiple items removed nearly all recovery mechanics. It's impossible to get defense up unless you vastly outnumber your opponent. And that's what's making this last bit feel like a drag, it's just waiting for the inevitable because it's not like Zard can get his defense up. And trying to focus on that means you can't make any offensive moves. Or any healing moves. Or an status recovery. You say you made this game because you wanted to improve upon it, I'm just giving my two cents on the matter. Some of your adjustments were perfectly good, like the eviolite balancing. But the items limitations I think made the game feel sluggish. The last one was fast paced and required you to think over your vote and figure out creative ways to turn the table. This makes it so creative strategies can only be done by coordinating with numerous people, which means if one Pokemon is supported by a group who isn't very sociable outside threads or don't match up in time zones they are at a harsh disadvantage.

    These are my opinions, take them or leave them. But don't take the game so seriously man. You've been taking this competition super serious the whole time, it's not worth the stress.

    on 19 July 2015

    < RolStoppable posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    Someone gets that a Wii U version of Project Cars never really existed.

    < Angelv577 posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    Ive heard that making bigger world isnt demanding for system's resources, what is happening on screen is. I might be wrong but I believe gta has better character models and physics. Still need to see more xenoblade gameplay to have a better understanding of how deep it is. I am not saying its capable of running it but It also reasonable to have doubts. move this comment to your wall to avoid being moderated.

    From my experience (modding plus some game development), it depends on your engine. And what all you are keeping track of in that world. And draw distance of course, plus the complexity of LOD. For now, I mainly go with my gut plus Tachi's findings (who has played the game a lot).

    on 18 May 2015

    Fair enough. Did tachi continue with her analysis after the banned?. When she got the game, she was already banned.

    on 18 May 2015

    < HylianSwordsman posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    Hey man, you should come vote in this thread for your most anticipated upcoming games. At the end of the month OP releases charts based on the votes showing what games, platforms, publishers, and genres are most anticipated on VGC. It's really cool and I want to see it become big again like it used to be.

    < uran10 posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    Check this thread out please:

    < HylianSwordsman posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    We did it! Thanks for your help at the end! I don't think we could have done it without you!

    No problem! Great we got the win! And thanks. :). You did a lot yourself to get him there though so good work :)

    on 28 February 2015

    < HylianSwordsman posted something on Nuvendil's wall:

    Thanks for the support with Typhlosion! I hope OP accepts the stacking status thing, as it should work, but he's made annoying calls before, so...

    No problem! Pokemon Silver is still my favorite Pokemon game and Typhlosion was my main man the whole way to the end several times.

    on 27 February 2015

    That final battle with Red blew my mind as a kid. Still one of my favorite moments in gaming.

    on 27 February 2015

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