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The thing is, I can count on my fingers the number of noteworthy releases from big devs that launched on Switch without a massive asterisk. Most ports have come late (at times very late) or low effort (hello EA, Capcom) or with download only or download most of the game shenanigans (hello Capcom (again), 2K). At times it's been more than one of those, even all three. A lot of these publishers have torched their reputation on the platform because rather than treating it as a platform for meaningfully expanding their audience with high quality releases, they have chosen to treat it as a low effort, easy cash grab. Shoot, EA and Capcom's support could easily be characterized as one prolonged experiment in seeing what they can get away with.

And shockingly, treating a platform and a subset of consumers with utter contempt doesn't endear people to you or make them want to support your products.

Oh and also, EA comments that it's troubling that Nintendo games are the best sellers. But the biggest sellers on other platforms are mostly series that AREN'T ON THE SWITCH. Of course CoD and Battlefield and Assassin's Creed and GTAV and Red Dead Redemption 2 don't dominate the top sellers list alongside the first party releases, those games AREN'T ON THE PLATFORM. And the only sports titles released on it are NBA 2K - which always has shenanigans with having to download nearly all of it even if you get the physical copy - and FIFA - which EA themselves have been half-assing for years. People can't buy what isn't there.