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cycycychris's Wall

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< burninmylight posted something on cycycychris's wall:

Didn't realize that you're ad admin now, congrats!

Thank you!

on 22 April 2020

< Moren posted something on cycycychris's wall:

you doing GUT this year?

Woops, forgot about that this year. tbh, haven't even thought about it yet

on 20 January 2020

Shameful! Fire him!

Just kidding. Let me know if you need someone to help as well. :)

on 20 January 2020

I'll try to open the nominations up tonight. And if your serious about helping, will probably use :P

I have no where near as much free time as I use to :(

on 20 January 2020

I'm serious. I could use the entertainment, and I used to be Truck's co-host for a couple years.

on 20 January 2020

Didn't even know that. I'll definitely accept you on your offer on the help then. I'll make you my co-captain. I've put out the nomination thread here

on 20 January 2020

< kirby007 posted something on cycycychris's wall:

Check your pm pls

I dont have any PMs

on 19 November 2019

Ask talon to pm me on discord about the LTD round, i hope he checks there more often then here

on 19 November 2019

< mjk45 posted something on cycycychris's wall:

glad I could help we have all done the same ,and I noticed that I wrote for for pity you can't edit wall posts

< mjk45 posted something on cycycychris's wall:

cliche is the word your looking for for your review clique is a group

Felt like there was something wrong with that word but never around to looking it up.

on 12 February 2019

< cycycychris updated his status:

I hate waiting for games to come in the mail :/

< Victorlink87 posted something on cycycychris's wall:

Thank you for the friend request!

np, thanks for accepting

on 09 February 2019

< TruckOSaurus posted something on cycycychris's wall:

The tournament is doing well, it started slow but now there seems to be a lot of votes for every round. Good job!

Thanks truck. You guys had trouble in round 2 with participation last year, so hopefully that doesn't happen again. But looking a little slow so far.

on 30 January 2019

< Marth posted something on cycycychris's wall:

Hey :) The issue of that PS3 game being listed under "other versions" of Nicktoons MLB 3D for 3DS is now fixed. Thanks for the report!

< Dr.Vita posted something on cycycychris's wall:

Wrote a pm twice but you didn't reply so I will ask here: Could you opt me out from this thread?

Sorry about that, the PM system is being affected by a bug right now, so i never received your PMs. I found that if you delete the name of the person you're sending it to and then retype there name in it'll actually send to them. I've reported this bug to Talon so it should get fixed soon.

anyways I placed you on the opt out list.

on 16 January 2019

< Marth posted something on cycycychris's wall:

Hi :) Just saw your submissions. Seems like something went wrong with the screenshots for PES2013 for 360. Did you maybe upload screenshots on multiple tabs at the same time? Can you resubmit them?

Also removed the Japan release date of Harvest Moon, thanks for the report!

on 13 January 2019

I did

on 13 January 2019

Ah I thought so. It's a current bug. Doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes the uploader gets confused when uploading from multiple tabs at the same time. Sorry for that.

on 13 January 2019

please close my thread!

You banned me for flaming but it was a biased ban, you allowed someone to MOCK me first by calling me an EDGELORD and im then banned for saying kleenex and snowflake?? I didn't say any vulgar words so we should both have been banned by your extremist criteria . Also if I can't have the right to call a game trash because you probably love it wouldn't that make this TYRANNY?! This isn't nazi germany there should be equality

ResilientFighter (3 days ago)

trash game

-2 Delete Reply Report Hide replies (5)

Mystro-Sama Mystro-Sama (3 days ago)

You sound like every other edge lord that hates games because they're popular.

Hey Resilient, I'll bring your concerns about that post up with the other mods to see if they consider it mod worthy. I must remind you that there is a report button available to you if you think someone is flaming you, I encourage you to use it instead of responding back to them.

On the note of calling a game trash. I must encourage you to read the rules on calling games trash with out reason. you must state a reason why you don't like a game. With out such reason that post adds nothing to a conversation other than to flame others. So, in the future please say why you say a game is bad.

on 25 September 2018

thanks for being nice, i really believe calling someone edgelord then reporting them for being called a snowflake makes no sense. Both are equal flaming level. Next time I will make sure not to diss a game with no reason sorry

on 25 September 2018

John2290's post was clearly non-malicious, definitely only warrented a warning. I don't know what happened to the mod thread so I'm voicing this criticism here.

we followed his ban latter and there more to it that meets the eye. But I'll bring your concerns up with the other mods.

on 12 September 2018

< quickrick posted something on cycycychris's wall:

Soy peachbuggy ignores your warning and continues to attack me.

< outlawauron posted something on cycycychris's wall:

Hey for the GamingTrend review submission for M&L, where did you get the score from? I don't see a score on the review itself. Thanks!

If you look at the review, you can see where the code for the review box is, but it appears they updated the site and it ended up breaking a lot of there review score boxes.

on 11 May 2018

I saw the Metacritic listing, but Meta will fill in their own scores on reviews that do not have any. Only reason I was asking. Considering how much messy code is on the site, I think you're correct in that it was there at some point.

on 11 May 2018

< VersusEvil posted something on cycycychris's wall:

Your PAL submission box art for Batman had an ESRB rating not a PEGI rating and you had an odd broken screenshot or two.

whoops, I must have choice the wrong file. And I got an error code when I entered the screenshots for Batman. So, not surprised there was some sort of transition issue there.

on 13 April 2018

< Marth posted something on cycycychris's wall:

Deleted the NA release date of DQ X (Wii U)

Thanks for reporting it :)

< Marth posted something on cycycychris's wall:

Thanks for the report. Color Splash Boxart is fixed

Thx, that's something I don't like even check for is to see if the box arts are region correct but it's like the 2nd or 3rd time I've caught when I do just out of curiosity scroll through the box arts. I'll probably check them more often now.

on 03 April 2018

I'm working on games found on the wii u list right now, and yup found some more.... I'll deal with it later.

on 03 April 2018

Yeah I think most of those cases were caused by importing the games vom Gamewise. If you see a boxart that seems to small/has lots of empty space around it then it most definitly is from Gamewise and needs replacement. Thanks for all your work :)

on 03 April 2018

< VersusEvil posted something on cycycychris's wall:

Your DB contributions are excellent. Keep it up.


on 31 March 2018

Was going to thank you for it as well. Some interesting choices but it's all welcome.

on 31 March 2018

Even shovelware games need a little love :P

on 31 March 2018

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