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COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

in Sales Discussion 1 day ago

I can't remember a time when 3 points would chart, what a slow and sad time this is. ...

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in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago

Anonymous1796 said: I'm currently playing Mario + Rabbids, liking it so far. But it's IMO a shame you can only use 3 characters in battle. Something to expand on with a sequel :o I enjoyed Mario + Rabbids, but for some reason it just couldn't keep my interest. Kept having to come back to it. ...

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"Newcomer's Introduction Thread"- What brought you here?

in General Discussion 1 day ago

mimtendo said: Hello! Anonymous1796 said: I just want to talk (mainly) about videogames with other people. Also I really like this forum format. Welcome to the site! ...

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Super Mario Titles to be released on Switch for Mario's 35th Anniversary

in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago

Sounds like a very good deal. But, I kind of worry about the quality of the remasters. I was kind of hoping we'd get xenoblade definitive edition quality of remake for galaxy and sunshine. Hopefully I'll be surprised. ...

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VGChartz Patch Notes - v4.5.1

in Website Topics on 29 March 2020

Excellent work from truck and talon. They got a lot more upgrades planned in the future. ...

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Which Newly Announced 2K Games Collection For Nintendo Switch Do You Plan To Buy (Bioshock,Borderlands,XCOM 2)?

in Nintendo Discussion on 28 March 2020

In the most recent direct, 2K Games announced that they have 3 new collections coming to the Switch. Borderlands Legacy Collection Bioshock Collection XCOM 2 Collection All three will be launching on May 29th. So VGC which of these collection are you most excited for and which do you plan to buy? For me, if the port is decent, I would like to try out XCOM 2 Collection. Been a series I...

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Nintendo Direct Mini has just launched

in Nintendo Discussion on 26 March 2020

Xenoblade: definitive edition is looking great so far. Can't wait to get it. Other than that, there really wasn't much for me in this direct. I liked that 2K is giving a lot of mature game support, though I've already played most of those and some other neat little games were shown. Hopefully there is another direct coming in May that will show a couple of major first party games that are...

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Monolith Soft had 70 employees in 2011. They now have 243

in Nintendo Discussion on 22 March 2020

Amazing the investment Nintendo has put into them. It appears they are trying to grow them to have at least 3 teams. 2 for original games and 1 for 'support purposes' ...

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Nintendo Indie World Showcase set for March 17

in Nintendo Discussion on 16 March 2020

A direct will follow next week excited to see the indies that was coming up ...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread

in General Discussion on 15 March 2020

I just looked to see if I get to work from home and it appears no, only those who are affected by school closures can, all else must report at normal times. ...

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Predict the Next Direct (Winter 2020 Edition)

in Nintendo Discussion on 04 March 2020

SpokenTruth said: super_etecoon said: I can understand many reasons for there not to be a Direct in March, but do you really think a Direct would take sales or marketing or messaging away from Animal Crossing?  I think the hype levels for AC:NH are about as high as they can be and there's almost no lukewarm reception to the title (outside those who "aren't into" the series)....

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Predict the Next Direct (Winter 2020 Edition)

in Nintendo Discussion on 04 March 2020

Maybe next week :/ ...

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Final fantasy 7 remake demo is out now!

in Sony Discussion on 04 March 2020

Mode Note Things appear to have gotten pretty heated in here. There really is no reason to start flaming each other and get angry about others opinion on this game. Some will like portions of the game, some won't, lets keep the discussion civil. ...

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Official 2020 US Election: Democratic Party Discussion

in Politics Discussion on 03 March 2020

Those damn Bloomberg commercials might finally be over! Didn't bother voting today, but I can live with Biden ...

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Predict the Next Direct (Winter 2020 Edition)

in Nintendo Discussion on 01 March 2020

Its gotta be this week, I mean come on! Its been soooo long! ...

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15 Minutes of Wonderful 101: Remastered on Switch (PAX East 2020)

in Nintendo Discussion on 28 February 2020

Looking good so far, glad I backed this! ...

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Official 2020 US Election: Democratic Party Discussion

in Politics Discussion on 27 February 2020

All these Bloomberg commercials on tv are getting annoying :/ ...

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Platinum Games announces new game: "Project G.G."

in Gaming Discussion on 26 February 2020

Definitely looks interesting from what we see in the trailer. But there really isn't much to go off of yet. Anything that is directed by Kamiya is destine to be good though, so it's certainly caught my eye. Hopefully this self publishing attempt by Platinum ends up working well. ...

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Global Hardware 22 February 2020

in Latest Charts on 26 February 2020

Radek said: Nu-13 said: Don't complain about others pointing the obvious flaws in your post. The numbers aren't anywhere near each other and the ps4 didn't go anywhere, it was the switch that went down because of low stock in japan. Also, you shouldn't complain about someone saying you downplay nintendo when you just did that. Wow, just wow! Alright then! I guess I just...

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List of Games You've Beaten 2020

in Gaming Discussion on 23 February 2020

cycycychris said: So far I've finished :Luigi's mansion 3currently working on:Witcher 3Up next:Zelda Link's awakeningDarksiders 1 and 2Saints row the thirdWitcher is a very long game (especially since I have the complete edition) I still got a while it seems. I've now finished witcher 3. Working on darksiders warmastered edition now  ...

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