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    < mjk45 posted something on Azzanation's wall: this is her resume

    < Mnementh posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    Hello. As the year comes to the end VGC holds annually it's greatest game event. In this event every participant posts his personal top 50 of greatest games of all time at the last 50 days of the year - one game each day. On November 12th the game #50 and at December 31st the game #1. Do you wanna join this year? Sign-up thread is here:

    < COKTOE posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    Owe you an apology regarding my response to your comment. How I asked for clarification was uncalled for and rude. Most of us make mistakes in our posts for various reasons. So yeah, apologies, my bad.

    You dont need to apologise but thanks. I try typing comments on my phone and it fails. We all make mistakes, i do all the time too.

    on 02 April 2019

    < Kerotan posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    You'll be happy to hear

    Its going to put pressure on Steam now which is good.

    on 22 March 2019

    < Kerotan posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    Fantastic post in the thread about epic and steam. Great way to wrap up that discussion. And I couldn't agree more.

    I am just pointing out my opinion but it seems some can be too defensive about platforms, and than throw it on others. Heck I just want Steam to be competitive.
    Thanks, as you know I am quite opinionated and I get into heated debates all the time. I could say I am use to them.

    on 03 February 2019

    < Kerotan posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    An old classic.

    I dont get it.

    on 28 January 2019

    It's just #GOLD

    on 28 January 2019


    on 28 January 2019

    < caffeinade posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    That's a lovely avatar you've got there.

    Thanks, one of my all time favourite games iv ever played

    on 03 January 2019

    Well that makes sense, it is one of the best games ever made after all.

    Have you heard the rumors about a Half-Life VR game, and HMD in the works?
    I so want them to be true, and I'm absolutely willing to throw down the money to play it.

    on 04 January 2019

    Apologies, i never got a modification on your reply. Iv heard many rumours especially the VR game however i believe it might be a Portal game, i think it makes more sense anyway haha.
    I heard rumours of Crowbar Collective to be making Half Life 2 Episode 3.. that would be awesome.
    Black Mesa Xen is due this year, i cannot wait.
    Definitely agree that Half Life is one of the best video games ever made.. and they still hold up today.

    on 19 January 2019

    It's cool.
    Hey, I'd be perfectly cool with playing a Portal game in VR.
    But think of all the cool stuff that could be done in VR with the Half-Life IP.
    I just hope that whatever we get is:
    A, great.
    B, inventive.
    C, not limited to teleportation based locomotion.

    I haven't heard anything about the Crowbar Collective working on an Ep 3 project.
    Given how good Black Mesa seems, I can't wait to see whatever that team goes on to do next.
    Be that an official/fan-project HL2: Episode 3, or a new IP entirely.
    Have you seen Atomic Heart?
    Apparently they have thirty people on their team, so maybe CC could have enough funding to pull something like that off, maybe with support from someone like Valve (perhaps even on Source 2).

    I'm so excited to finally getting a chance to properly play Black Mesa.

    on 21 January 2019

    I would definitely look forward to a Half Life VR if true, I would actually go out and buy a VR unit just to play it haha.

    CC are very talented. Black Mesa I had no interests in as I thought it was just another HL Mod, until I found out it was a remake and it is just as good as the original game. Black Mesa Xen I cannot wait to play.

    Hopefully we will get something soon. A Portal and Half Life VR game would be fitting for it. Using the Gravity Gun or Portal Gun in VR would be insane.

    on 21 January 2019

    < Azuren posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    If you want to argue actual points being made, I'm ready anytime you're feeling up to doing so without strawmanning and reporting when the discussion doesn't go your way.

    Reporting? I didnt report you nor did i strawman you. If you want to discuss than lets discuss, however to see people jump a thread because of there assumptions doesnt make it factual.

    on 19 August 2018

    Keep telling yourself that, but constantly moving your opponent's argument to better suit your narrative is indeed strawmanning. Your response alone says you're not ready for an actual conversation, so enjoy your echo chamber for one.

    on 19 August 2018

    So you come to my wall to debate than you back pedal away. I think you have looked too much into this. There has been no No strawmanning, no goal posts moved. I think i made myself pretty clear in my thread. We both agree to disagree with eachother. Nothing new really.

    on 20 August 2018

    No, I came to your wall to invite you to a strawman-less debate, and you confirmed for me that you just don't know how to do that.

    on 20 August 2018

    Well I am here, waiting for what you want to discuss? Tell me what you think because I did disagree with you in my thread but I am happy to continue this debate here "With no strawmanning"

    on 20 August 2018

    on 04 September 2018

    So, you excited about the new BattleToads announced for 2019? :)

    Very excited, i loved the Toads and its such a great franchise with so much protential. Seeing Rash in KI and seeing the 3 in Shovel Knight really has me excited for another torturous adventure beat-em up.
    Have you played the old games?

    on 06 July 2018

    Yes, and they're really fucking hard. XD

    on 06 July 2018

    They are brutal yet somehow amazing at the same time. Very colourful universe.

    on 06 July 2018

    < Azzanation updated his status:

    Battle Toads announced for 2019.. I am extremely excited.

    < Azzanation updated his status:

    Sea Of Thieves is a beautiful game. Cant wait for the official release.

    < Oneeee-Chan!!! posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    Hello , Who is your avatar ?

    King Audiun from World Of Warcraft. If you want to see it watch the Trailer Battle For Azeroth. Great stuff.

    on 15 February 2018

    Okay, I've memorized his name.Thanks.

    on 17 February 2018

    < halil23 posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    What state are you from?

    Victoria.. You?

    on 26 January 2018

    No way! Same.
    Thought you would be from Sydney like majority here

    on 26 January 2018

    Which part? Aussies are rare to find on here

    on 09 February 2018

    < Errorist76 posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    “erm are they good exclusives? I mean an expensive product to play a game you can happily play without isnt anything to go bonkers about. How about Sony actually support there own product with there own 1st party games instead of relying heavily on others?

    Also i dont care about Xbox exclusive nore do i care about qauntity of exclusives. I brought Xbox for 1 franchise, i couldn't care less if thet have 100s more.

    Do you even realise the irony in that post?! How hypocrite it sounds?! You critisize Sony for not supporting PSVR with more first party content, but at the same time state that you don’t care that XBox doesn’t have any?! Are you for real ?! 😳

    We arent talking about consoles here to begin with. You are talking about selling a innovation with barely any new innovating games. Is RE7 worth spending $300 on to play the exact same game in VR? No. You know why the DS and 3DS went crazy? It was because Nintendo actually put effort into making dedicated games made by there actual 1st party devs.
    You assume this is just critism on Sony, no its critism on VR in general.
    I only brought an Xbox for Halo and lets add Rare since i grew up with them.

    on 09 January 2018

    Tbh completely honest...Yes it was! But I had waited to play RE7 until I get VR. Just Ultrawings was worth it already!
    You’re expecting someone to throw tens at millions at a market still very slowly developing. It’s a classical chicken-egg situation. The more people are buying the thing the more support it will get.
    It’s the same situation with lacklustre Pro and X1X updates. Why invest time and money in something no one owns?!
    I’m not sure if you really understand the difference VR makes for all those enhanced games yet. I can tell you just the beginning of Skyrim suddenly became one my favourite gaming moments I ever had in 35 years of gaming. That damn

    on 09 January 2018

    Thats fine, we all have different preferences. If you think its worth every dollar than good for you. However my statement is to benefit those who want to jump in and already own it which only makes your product you paid good money on worth while. For me id much rather wait for some serious contenter games that utilise the hardware rather than play games i already own and probably much rather play on my 4k display at top settings. Thats just my opinion. I am a little frustrated at the tech because it does sound good on paper yet i feel its going to die based off the lack of 1st party AAA support. Much like the Vita etc.

    on 10 January 2018

    Halo 5 4.89m + GOW4 3.16m

    UC4 9.59 LOL

    Combined Halo 5/Gears4 didn't even beat UC4

    < Pemalite posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    I'm actually interested to know more about that laptop.

    Finding a Notebook with just a single high-end Geforce usually pushes towards about $3000 AUD.

    But to have two of them you are usually looking at $4000-$5000 AUD.

    Can you give me a specific model number at all? I'm keen to check it out.

    Ok I just looked at my specs on my Laptop and found out its actually using a i7-4870HQ and NVIDIA® GTX 970M SLI GDDR5 3GB. The Laptop is a
    Aorus X7 PRO which was an ex demo model in one of the retail stores I harassed haha.

    Its a great laptop. I did mention the wrong CPU in my war with Azuren which I claimed a i7-6700 but oh well. The Laptop is a beast and its far from weak. I don't think they make them anymore.

    on 11 September 2016

    I noticed Scorptec sells them, they seem pretty solid, shame that most of their Panels on their lineups are only 1080P.

    Been trying to find a good 1440P notebook with Enduro/Optimus with an Aluminum/Magnesium/Carbon case for a good price and have come up with nothing yet.

    It might only have an Ivy Bridge CPU, but they are still potent. Especially in that configuration, I would choose that over some skylake chips>
    Also, that argument I didn't really read, but we all make mistakes, we are only human after-all.

    on 11 September 2016

    Thanks, we always end up in heated debates. I honestly don't take what others say too seriously. I think Metabox has some great high end models and I think you can probably customise it to suit your needs and price range. You can get a good 1070 with an i7-6700 for around 2.4k to 2.7k check out the Prime PG50RS-G which includes a G-Sync monitor, all ally design. 4k screen will boost it to 3k.

    on 11 September 2016

    The Prime P650RP with a 4k screen and a GTX-1060 / i7-6700 will cost you around 2.4k at 15.6inch.

    on 11 September 2016

    I need more than a Geforce 1060/1070 though.
    Or substantially less (But then I would want under $1000) and let my desktop pick up the slack.

    The search shall continue. :)

    on 11 September 2016

    Good luck, sometimes the search for a great PC/Laptop can be fun. My Laptop is too powerful for me, the only reason I got it was because I got a giveaway price, all I wanted it for was to play WoW and Indies. My next step is upgrading my Tower and so far I have my eyes on a single GTX1080 however I am waiting on Intel with there 7000 series to be announced before I make the plunge. Hopefully I can snap up another great deal.

    on 11 September 2016

    < Sprash posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    "Have i been wrong before have i? Haha sounds like your taking this way to seriously.

    Im looking at the facts here. Uncharted (main) games average 6million lifetime sales. GeOW (main) games average 6million life time sales.

    I think im predicting a realistic opinion here. Funny because if you say im wrong all the time than what about everyone saying this game will sell 10m+? Haha the game is barely going to make 6m unless Sony give it away in a cheap bundle or add some crazy DLC and market the hell out of it just to get 6m to 7m.

    Anyway will wait and see but i can safety say it wont hit Halo 3 numbers."

    Are you unable to understand this here :/ do you have problems reading this?

    "If you bothered to look at the first link you would have seen that the first three games (i.e. Naughty Dog's original three Uncharted games) solid 21+ million units as of June 2015. That's more than 5 months before The Nathan Drake Collection released.

    Now I'll do the math for you: 21+ million divided by 3 games = 7+ million/game. That's also assuming that each game sold equally and there was no growth in the series at all from Uncharted to Uncharted 3.

    Also using spinoffs and remasters to predict the sales of a mainline entry is just dumb."

    UC1 has not sold 7m which means UC Series don't sell 7m. Only 2 and 3 have sold 7m. UC4 doesn't look to set to hit 7m either.

    Out of 6 UC releases only 2 of them have reached the 7m milestone.

    on 20 August 2016

    < JENIFER990 posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    am jenifer female reply me ;

    < Sprash posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    "*Just to add, I cannot find one Uncharted game that has broken 7m.*"

    If you bothered to look at the first link you would have seen that the first three games (i.e. Naughty Dog's original three Uncharted games) solid 21+ million units as of June 2015. That's more than 5 months before The Nathan Drake Collection released.

    Now I'll do the math for you: 21+ million divided by 3 games = 7+ million/game. That's also assuming that each game sold equally and there was no growth in the series at all from Uncharted to Uncharted 3.

    Also using spinoffs and remasters to predict the sales of a mainline entry is just dumb.


    Hope you got it now^^

    Lets have a look at actual numbers.

    Uncharted 1 - 4.94m
    Uncharted 2 - 6.73m
    Uncharted 3 - 6.83m

    I do not see a 7m Uncharted game sold.

    They get close but I stand corrected here and say that Uncharted does not sell 7m a game. They may sell close to it since both 2 and 3 were in there high 6m but its still not 7m.

    I don't see Uncharted 4 selling past UC3 numbers, sorry that's my opinion.

    Now I did the maths for you and adding those total 3 games based off VG numbers = 18.5m / 3 equals 6.1m average.

    Now your saying the game sold 21m with its first 3 entry's which I cannot find statistic proof of that but if that's the case than the series barely scraps in the 7m average mark which is most defiantly based off UC2 and UC3 most likely breaking 7m+ however UC1 I can safety did not sell 7m copies which leads back to what I'm saying from the start. Uncharted games don't sell 7m.

    Hope you can understand.

    *If we aren't including The NDC than should we be including Gears Judgment in GeOW average selling games? Since every mainline Gears game sold over 6m lifetime. I guess we shouldnt*

    on 18 August 2016

    Also no offence to your source, However Colin and Greg are no doubt some of the biggest PS fanboys on the net with very bias opinions. Maybe that's where a lot of VG charters get there facts from haha.
    Starting to make sense to me now with a lot of the attitude on here.
    *That's not directed at you*

    on 18 August 2016

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