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KazumaKiryu said:

PS5 games that were in production at Bethesda have been canceled, according to the developer. So Microsoft lie again.
Nintendo is completely excluded from the statistics because they are too unimportant according to Microsoft.

Bro.. you feeling alright? This is the most amount of spin iv seen in awhile and also extremly misleading with zero sources

It was Sony and the FTC who dismissed Nintendo. That was because MS signed a deal on Nintendo for CoD. So if you dismiss Nintendo than that means in Japan its the same thing. Which means Sony literally hold 90+% of the marketshare in Japan which is monopolistic. That needs to be investigated.

Also zero deals were signed for Redfall and Bethesda games. They are allowed to have exclusives just like Sony.

The fact you are painting MS as the corrupt one, you might want to look in your own backyard. 

And just for evidence,younger%20than%20PlayStation's%20target%20audience.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 27 March 2023