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VersusEvil said:


RPGs are my go to genre, think I just enjoy rewarding gameplay loops :P



Xenoblade Chronicles:  I’ve never played XC1 and from what I played of XC2 I didn’t enjoy it, it just didn’t click. XC3 tho I’m enjoying. If Switch got a XCX port that be great as (I never finished it but) it was a lot of fun. 

Luigi’s Mansion 3/Animal Crossing NH: AC:NH is fantastic and LM3 was a random purchase a few yrs ago that I enjoyed quite a bit and finished.

Zelda: Only ever finished WWHD. Playing TotK here and there, gonna get back into it properly once I’ve finished a few of my current games. 

The other stuff I haven’t played, the main platformers, Fire Emblem and Pikimin etc. I’ll check out some demos. 


Oh well, at least you managed to tell with the series, so you do you really haha. 

But if this is about RPGs, it goes to say that I'd recommend Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Octopath Traveler 2, Shin Megami Tensei V(The Vengeance edition is coming though) Triangle Strategy, Dragon Quest XI S and Live A Live are great games also available on the platform if you're wondering about too 👌

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