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VersusEvil said:


RPGs are my go to genre, think I just enjoy rewarding gameplay loops :P



Xenoblade Chronicles:  I’ve never played XC1 and from what I played of XC2 I didn’t enjoy it, it just didn’t click. XC3 tho I’m enjoying. If Switch got a XCX port that be great as (I never finished it but) it was a lot of fun. 

Luigi’s Mansion 3/Animal Crossing NH: AC:NH is fantastic and LM3 was a random purchase a few yrs ago that I enjoyed quite a bit and finished.

Zelda: Only ever finished WWHD. Playing TotK here and there, gonna get back into it properly once I’ve finished a few of my current games. 

The other stuff I haven’t played, the main platformers, Fire Emblem and Pikimin etc. I’ll check out some demos. 


Well RPG wise there's Bravely Default II, Octopath Traveler, Fire Emblem Three Houses/Engage if you like strategy RPGs, Pokemon Legends Arceus, Live a Live, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and Neo The World Ends With You.

As far as rewarding loops in general I'd throw in Astral Chain, Metroid Dread, Splatoon 2 and 3, Lunistice, and Mario Odyssey/Wonder in addition to the ones you've mentioned.

If you don't have an Xbox or just want to play portably the two Ori games are also fantastic.