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Phenomajp13 said:
zeldaring said:

You are comparing a single game vs franchise sales lol . Minecraft is huge but everything will run it including mobile, it will come out on every system as well and won't be system seller cause it can be played everywhere. The hype is on different level for gta6, all you have to do is look at views in 5 years ps5 reveal trailer is at 60 million in 5 months the gta6 trailer is 200 million it litterly shattered records in views for any piece of entertainment that's not music video by miles like 4-5x. There is no bigger interest in single piece of software ever.

What? No I am comparing all of GTAs franchise sales lol. Dude, seriously do some research. GTA V and all the other GTAs combined have sold less games as a whole compared to Mario. Pokemon and CoD have also sold more, that's what happens when you don't take 12 years to make games.  You are acting like the world has never seen GTA releases before and the world will just stop everything else for it. This franchise is fourth alltime to two exclusives lol and CoD walked it down and surpassed it. GTA is being grossly overestimated by you, you literally said its the biggest game in the world and I countered with a game that smoked it lol and all you have are excuses. Its actually funny to see people say Minecraft on its several platforms is an unfair comparison but GTA V can freely be compared to even exclusives. The 300 million are just paid sales by the way. I started comparing GTA to Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox because it's much more similar to them as in a long term game getting consistent support. Mario, Pokemon, and CoD don't get that type of individual support, they rely on consistent releases. It will have a massive, massive launch but no individual game will do damage to a platform especially when that platform has access to its own behemoths such as Nintendo's first party line up along with Minecraft, Fortnite, and CoD. Switch 2 will be fine and very likely to give PS5 a run for its money. 

Dude gta was huge before gtav but now it's on another level take this into consideration that gtav has out sold mario wonder, botw, totk mario odyssey, and mario kart combined You trying to bring franchise sales is irrelevant we are talking about how big one single game will be and nothing comes close and you can clearly see from trailer views that the interest is basically something we have never seen before in AAA game.