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Phenomajp13 said:
zeldaring said:

Tons of gamers are casuals that buy games based on hype, when everyone is talking about something it makes you wanna join the party and looking at the reveal trailer views this will be far aways the most anticipated game of all time. so yes it would have effected TOTK sales but more importantly with switch 2 it could slow it down a bit when the biggest game ever is not on your console. 

Biggest game ever will be on Switch 2, it's called Minecraft. No one here denies GTA 6 will be huge but you are grossly overestimating it. You make GTA sound like it's the end all be all but it sits in fourth all time. Mario, Pokemon, and Call of Duty have all sold more games than GTA. Mario and Pokemon are exclusives and Call of Duty is a younger franchise and caught it. Doesn't sound like it's anywhere near as big of a deal as you make it. Minecraft outsold it by over 100 million, I would argue Fortnite is also bigger than GTA. I want you to actually do some research about how many monthly active users GTA has and compare to Minecraft or Fortnite or Roblox. You will be surprised. 

You are comparing a single game vs franchise sales lol . Minecraft is huge but everything will run it including mobile, it will come out on every system as well and won't be system seller cause it can be played everywhere. The hype is on different level for gta6, all you have to do is look at views in 5 years ps5 reveal trailer is at 60 million in 5 months the gta6 trailer is 200 million it litterly shattered records in views for any piece of entertainment that's not music video by miles like 4-5x. There is no bigger interest in single piece of software ever.

Last edited by zeldaring - on 24 May 2024