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Azzanation said:
RolStoppable said:

Sony sucks as well. There was a data leak at Insomniac Games that showed how much revenue first party games have brought in and how much they did cost to make and market. Even profitable studios were hit by layoffs.

I'll repeat my point because you didn't grasp it: Nintendo recognizes game developers as an asset that is necessary to keep for future profitability. Capitalism isn't only about the next fiscal year, so your main assertion that both capitalism and the nature of this industry are to blame is wrong.

Nintendo are able to manage their business differently because they are not under the same pressure of removing the bottom lines like Xbox and PS. Nintendo are in a very good business position with hardware and software. They make money on consoles sold and they sell the most amount of software. They are not under the same pressure as Xbox which are not only bleeding money from console sales, but they are also bleeding from internal studios not making enough money. If Nintendo owned as much as MS with studios, they will also internally review them and close those that aren't making it. That is a guarantee.   

PS is becoming too important to SNY in terms of profits. SNY needs to find those future profits elsewhere through better existing non PS products whether it be higher quality or lower pricing. That or they need to expand into new markets where they can find worthy profits, otherwise PS is going to end up in the same boat as XB eventually. Even with SNY being a Japanese company, PS is going to need more breathing room in the future.

As for Nin, there's probably a good reason why Nin doesn't have too many studios. It's called good responsible management. Going out and spending close to a hundred billion dollars, only to then start firing brand new employees, as well as existing employees who are succeeding, is poor management. Nin isn't perfect but is a much better run business overall.

Capitalism itself isn't the problem, it's how it's implemented that matters. Same goes for most other things. In the past, we would never have let a company like MS get as big as it has because it always leads to poor management and collapse or extremely aggressive capitalism which causes way too many problems. That's why massive corporations are supposed to get broken up, with the expectation that the newly formed companies will continue to grow and innovate through meaningful competition. 

Remember what Phil's email said? That Nin didn't realize it yet, but their future was on XB hardware? Who's putting their games on Nin and PS hardware now? Are we to thank XB or MS for that?