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I just saw The Fall Guy yesterday, I enjoyed it. It didn’t have the wit or the humor of the other movie-within-a-movie movie or movie about making a movie (Tropic Thunder) or whatever terminology you want to use, but it was still a solid, fun time. I liked seeing Gosling and Blunt’s rekindling romance and they had some feel good moments with good chemistry with some kickass action (though it kinda teeters on Fast and the Furious levels of absurdity if that’s not your thing).

And the big twist midway through the movie as well as the climax and hook for the story had me sold. I’m dead serious when I say it’s not what the trailers advertised at all… and I loved it. It looks like Universal learned a thing or two about swerving audiences after all the (rightful) backlash over Halloween Ends (read: how to do it right).

Also dug hearing Kiss’ “I Was Made for Lovin’ You”.