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I just finished Knuckles on Paramount+. It’s… fine, I guess. Like bits of humor between Wade and Knux and they have good chemistry, but it could definitely use more character development. I was hoping we’d see
Knuckles slowly adapt to his new world
in this series, which the first episode teases, and… it doesn’t really do that. Moreover, it definitely feels more like a Wade show than a Knuckles show as it progresses.

It’s not a bad watch, I just feel like they could’ve done more with it, which appears to be the general consensus of it.

Though it’s not mandatory-viewing for Sonic movie 3 like the Marvel shows are for the movies, which may explain why the arcs are so by-the-numbers. Marvel/Disney got a lot of flack for forcing you to watch the D+ shows to be up-to-speed (no pun intended) on the phase 4 movies and it looks like they were trying to avoid that can of worms here.

PS, hyped that they cast Keanu as Shadow for Sonic movie 3, that’s who I wanted from day one. Tell me they don’t sound similar:

Last edited by KManX89 - on 28 April 2024