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Just managed to watch the first episode and I enjoyed it. Solid 7, maybe 8/10.

One thing I really like is that there are three main characters, instead of there just being a singular focus on the (former) vault dweller. I also like all three of those characters so far, and the decision to put one of them in a supporting role to a Power Armor knight who we haven't seen outside of the suit yet (I hope both things remain true, but there seems to be a sense of inevitability that we'll see who's in the armor and that Maximus will eventually get in the suit himself). It also looks great - much better than the still images had led me to expect - and I've enjoyed most of the references to the lore.

I've seen some reviews for that first episode criticise the sheer amount of lore, and especially the Brotherhood v Enclave stuff, but I enjoyed most of that. Though I did find some of the cuts to be very abrupt and weirdly sequenced; the Brotherhood stuff should have come after Lucy first leaves the vault, for example, so that that was our first view of the outside.

The mix of brutal violence and quirky comedy works for me. I'm guessing the excessive use of slow-mo was to make the combat easier to shoot while also being a kind of homage to the VATS system, but I'm not sure I'll want that to become the norm for the series though.

In terms of negatives, I dislike almost all of the supporting characters so far - some very weird secondary casting decisions imo. The Brother who conducts the interrogation of Maximus and the Power Armor knight who barely speaks are the only two I like in episode 1.

My other main negative is the whole Raiders-invading-the-vault angle and the sheer amount of stupid decisions made by everyone throughout the battle and plot holes it created. A better way to have done that would've been for the vault dwellers to have caught on earlier and barricaded themselves in part of the vault, after having suffered the same number of casualties they did in the original script. Instead they went with this open battle sequence where somehow the vault dwellers aren't completely wiped out, despite being taken by surprise and being completely out-equipped and losing control of the armory. Then the Raider leader takes the Overseer hostage, but lets everyone they've captured go free and live (despite telling the Overseer to choose who dies, and despite indiscriminately slaughtering everyone they could find just minutes prior), after setting off a bomb intended to do... whatever. I dunno, all of that just struck me as shit and lazy writing all round.

Last edited by Machina - on 14 April 2024