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What are some popular non-native gaming media IPs or franchises that have actualized their full potential to be transformed into acclaimed and successful games.

Lots of movies, TV shows, anime, comics, manga would make great games. Some may have even treid but have yet to hit a homerun in gaming. Sometimes it takes the right concept and developer to turn a non-gaming IP into a gaming powerhouse.

Some examples of IPs that I think fulfilled their gaming potential at least once:

Batman - Arkham Games

Spider-Man - Spider-Man 2 and Insomniac Games

Star Wars - Kotor and arguably Jedi Fallen Order

Dragon Ball - Figther Z

LOTR - Shadow of Mordor

The Witcher - The Witcher Games

I would say that Harry Potter has gotten close with Hogwarts Legacy.

Here are IPs that I think still haven't found the right gaming formula and are still waiting for their ideal adaptation.


Avatar (James Cameron)


Pirates of the Caribbean

John Wick


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