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NobleTeam360 said:
Kneetos said:

Seeing a lot of buyers remorse for Nintendo switch lately, people wishing they didn't didn't buy the switch game so they could get it on Ps or pc

How you all feeling about this, I beat the game on switch and don't feel a need to get it again

I put nearly 200 hours in on the Switch version and will be buying Vengeance, Zero buyer's remorse for me. If you buy Atlus games, it's kind of expected to have enhanced versions further down the line IMO. That doesn't stop me from buying the launch versions!

Also, I don't understand the buyers remorse thing for people who originally bought it on release. It was exclusive to the Switch platform for 3 years. Plenty of time to play the release to it's full content back then.

This new release aims to basically almost re-tool the game enough that doing the Vengeance route will feel just as substantial than the original released had. 

Though if you did buy the game recently, I'd sympathize with them more. At least, you can find it much cheaper than it was at release right now 

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