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Heh, still gonna buy it on Switch nonetheless.

They said the Vengeance path is basically as long as the Creation of God path with all the OG endings.

They confirmed the original development was straddled through hoops because of the time frame they were allowed to work on it. I'd say this was mostly felt in the story for the most part.
Nonetheless, story has never been the main point of any SMT games. Setting, atmosphere, demons and combat have always been the main attraction to play through these games.
The "dungeon" exploration never felt this good before too with even some needed platforming to get through secrets and such.

I'm gonna finish my playthrough of the OG version before this release so I can feel less guilty to no go through the OG version again.

Vengeance also looks to include party guest members to the party at some intervals early on at the start of the game almost.

Btb, people who had a saved files of the original on Switch will able to transfer .... Not their original save file (probably because the OG build isn't compatible with the new tweaked version) but 3 demons from their Demon Compendium.

That's certainly a gift lol

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