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Change YoY: =    My Rating: 9.4 / 10

And now we come to the best game in the Trails of Cold Steel series, though still not quite the best The Legend of Heroes game. Trails of Cold Steel II is one of the very few games I've ever rushed to buy the moment I finished the previous game in a series. I remember quite vividly watching the end credits to the first game, and immediately afterwards ordering the second game online. Can't say I regret that decision. This was the perfect follow-up to the first game, with a exceptional sense of escalation in the story, raising the stakes and eventually wrapping up many of the main plot threads from the first game while also setting up the next two games in the series.

I like the increased variety in the gameplay, especially when it comes to the battles as in addition to the normal combat, the game properly introduces mech combat as a significant element going forward, something the later games would further expand on. The characters are given more depth as their backstories are explored further, the world feels vast and varied, and the music is excellent. Anyway, I've already talked about five different entries in this series during this event, and I still have two more to go, so maybe I'll something for later. To put it simply, I'm a huge fan of this series, I've played eight different games in it and none of them have disappointed me yet.