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SvennoJ said:
KratosLives said:

Funny you mention gt7. I was so hyped for it, bought it , and till this day haven't started it. I had some games to catch up on, and sadly it got forgotten. Then I remind my self I need to play, but I keep telling my self after I finish the next game. 

I don't know what to do, I finished totk,  starfield, now i'm caught in jedi survivor, then I have alan wake 2 and spiderman im hoping to finish by end of december. And the plan was to gt7 new years, but my wife bought me the physical edition of baldurs gate 3...  is it possible to play gt7 alongside baldurs gate or will I be too into the game ?lol

The only good thing waiting has done is the game recieved multiple updates and patches, content, and just recently bspec mode.

GT7 is good, although the 'campaign' starts slow. It doesn't take long to get better cars and the game to open up though. My issue with it is the lack of a proper penalty system in online races which started a shift from respectful 'fair' racing to free for all bumper cars which is more like now. That started already in GT Sport after PD gave up on fixing/improving the penalty system. It started a shift from 4 out of 5 races being great to 4 out of 5 races being a bad experience. That online shift is what I burned out on.

However I still got lots of fun out of it in single player, loved doing long endurance races on the N24

However single player is all over the place competition wise. Most races are very easy and it's all catch the rabbit style racing, you start last and have to make it to first in a few laps. That of course doesn't breed good behavior for online racing. You have Sophie now to race as well, Sony's new learning AI system. It certainly gives tough competition, but is also rather aggressive and will 'cheat' as much as it can get away with. (Which is quite a lot with the lax track enforcement in GT7) It reminds me too much of the bad standards online.

BG3 I dunno, I tried to like it but got too fed up with it after 20 hours and after trying split-screen in particular. I can't recommend it on a console. First of all I had to move the couch halfway down to the tv to be able to decipher the tiny character inventory screen and be able to read descriptions. The controls are also a mess on console as well as selecting things with the cursor with height differences in the terrain and you can't set the camera to horizontal view, always forced to look slightly down. It's probably a lot better on PC where you can lean into the monitor to get a better view and use a mouse to select things.
Anyway I went in expecting a Baldur's gate sequel and got a rather incoherent something else. Party limit of 4 instead of 6, weird cramped open world where you easily wander into the wrong place way too early, tons of glitches and a battle system that often leaves you confused in the way it keeps jumping back and forth. Then pathing AI that can drive you crazy with traps around, you basically have to switch to turn based and move every character step by step.

Maybe it's just disappointing after playing TotK for 5 months, but BG3 didn't manage to grab me. Spider-man 2 did however. Very lovely game although the end third of the story felt a bit forced. It was fun to play at least, unlike BG3 which felt more like a chore.

Perhaps playign BG3 alongside GT7 is the way to go. Alternate between the two as both benefit more from a less bingy approach. I'm currently playing Miles Morales (had it since launch yet it took Spider-man 2 to inspire me to actually play it) until Friday when RE4's VR patch comes out. Then it's all RE4 remake on PSVR2 for me. After that likely Arizona Sunshine 2 and perhaps Vertigo 2. BG3 can wait, can use a lot more patches and QoL features.

Have you tried Bg3 after yesterdays big patch?  

I never really played much online Gt. I played with a mate for a while, but it was just us to messing arround. When I do play gt7, it's going to be the licenses and normal races, checking out all the other car related history stuff and museums, photo mode. Don't think i'll be doing online.  I might check out bspec mode, haven't done it since gt4. There's so much attention to detail in these games. I need to get myself rehyped before jumping in. Probably spend a week just abosrbing myself in car related stuff before playing.