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SvennoJ said:
Imaginedvl said:

"After 160 hours"... I mean, it took you 160 hours to realize that you were wasting your time?

I would argue that you did not really waste it if you played that long lol

Sounds like a classic burnout. 160 hours in 3 weeks is almost 8 hours a day. The addictive game play loop must be there, but if you are eventually left feeling empty, then that's all there was, a (temporarily) addictive game play loop.

I've fallen in that trap myself plenty times. Putting more and more hours in to feel satisfied while at first it was fun playing much shorter sessions. It's what game developers prey on with grindy game play loops. Most recently I had it with GT7 although the writing was already on the wall at the end of GT Sport. Online races just kept getting worse, to compensate I started doing and more and more races to get a satisfying experience. That never ends well and now I don't even feel like playing GT7 on PSVR2 anymore.

Funny you mention gt7. I was so hyped for it, bought it , and till this day haven't started it. I had some games to catch up on, and sadly it got forgotten. Then I remind my self I need to play, but I keep telling my self after I finish the next game. 

I don't know what to do, I finished totk,  starfield, now i'm caught in jedi survivor, then I have alan wake 2 and spiderman im hoping to finish by end of december. And the plan was to gt7 new years, but my wife bought me the physical edition of baldurs gate 3...  is it possible to play gt7 alongside baldurs gate or will I be too into the game ?lol

The only good thing waiting has done is the game recieved multiple updates and patches, content, and just recently bspec mode.