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Change YoY: -3   My Rating: 9.1 / 10

So, what exactly is there left for me to say about Super Mario Bros. 3 that just about everyone else hasn't already repeated ad nauseam over the last 30+ years? One of the most legendary and beloved video games of all time, often still considered by many to be among the very best 2D platformers ever created, and a game whose influence can still be seen and felt in the genre to this day. Yeah, I suppose it's an all right little game. I also think this Mario character might have legs.

I do still remember when I got Super Mario Bros. 3 somewhere around 1993 or 94, a few years after its original release in the PAL regions. My cousin was no longer into video games that much, and he was getting rid of his NES games, so obviously I took all of them off his hands. Though there were quite a few very good games among them, like Kirby's Adventure, for example, it was SMB3 that remains my favourite of the entire NES library. Even by today's standards it remains a near flawless game in a lot of ways. The platforming is precise, the colourful graphics are some of the best on the console, and most importantly, it's simply just fun to play. If I was ranking this game based on pure gameplay, Super Mario Bros. 3 would probably be quite a bit higher on the list.