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Change YoY: -4   My Rating: 8.9 / 10

A series you'll be seeing many, many more times on my list, The Legend of Heroes very quickly became one of my all-time favourite series when I first discovered it some nine years ago. Since then I've played eight different entries in it, and all but one are on my list, with Trails in the Sky the 3rd the lowest ranked one. Part of the reason for this that despite being the final game of the trilogy, it does feel somewhat disconnected from the other games in terms of its story. It's essentially a collection of separate events surrounding the pasts of various different returning characters (and a few new ones). However, it does heavily foreshadow the events that would unfold in later games in the series.

Now, despite these minor issues, this is still an excellent game. The characters are great, the main story, while disconnected from the larger overarching plot of the series, is very well told, the music is wonderful, and the battle systems is as fun as ever. I have very few actual issues with the game, and it is just less great than many of the other entries in the franchise, rather than in any way bad or even average. 

I'm going to be talking about this particular series a lot as I cover my top 50, so I think this'll do for now.