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curl-6 said:
zeldaring said:

It's Bethesda they have never been known for releasing  60fps games or even locked 30fps games from what i remember. I think the majority games not running 60fps will be cause of graphics. Ray tracing is so heavy on current gen consoles that only a few games can run 60fps with it on. look at elden ring for example the game  dips a lot in performance mode, now play the ps4 version on ps5 and 60fps locked.

Different games will have different bottlenecks; some will be CPU bound, others GPU bound. There's a hard limit to what you can do at 60fps on console, and some devs will want to do more than that.

Yea we'll see. I still haven't seen a world more advanced then  Red Dead 2. will be interesting to see how they use the massive jump in CPU power.

Last edited by zeldaring - on 16 June 2023