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Overall, I thought it was a good show. Titles that stood out to me personally were:

Phantom Blade 0 (Looks very intriguing in terms of setting, story and gameplay, could be something quite special if it works as well as the trailer suggested)

Sword of the Sea (More games like Journey is always great, and when its by many of the people behind it, all the better)

Neva (Loved GRIS, already really into the visual style and animation, looking forward to seeing some proper gameplay)

Snake Eater (The best MGS getting a remake is obviously going to get my attention, curious to see how they do this one, what they keep and what they change)

Towers of Aghasba (Open world city builder sounds like it could be a lot of fun, going to keep an eye on this one)

Final Fantasy XVI (Nothing really new here, by far my most anticipated game of the year, so obviously I liked seeing it)

Alan Wake II (Should probably get around to playing the first game at some point, loved Control, so this should hopefully be great)

Spider Man II (Looks great, again need to play the first game at some point)

Besides the games listed, I thought it was interesting that it took this long for another big publisher to copy the Splatoon formula considering how successful its been for Nintendo. Usually the copycats arrive much sooner than that. Marathon could be great, but can't really say anything about it from the trailer.