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I thought the showcase of PSVR 2 titles were gonna take more place in the presentation than this. How do you expect the future of your newly released peripheral device to be healthy if you showcase almost nothing that could qualifies as a killer app.

As for the showcase, once again Capcom gets one of the better spot in this whole thing with Dragons Dogma 2.
Seeing the Plucky Squire again was a nice trip because I really want to experience it ... But it's sooooo far away from release now ...

Huuummm .... MGS 3 Remake confirmed in a CGI trailer ... Yeah ? Confirmation is one thing but I'm not holding my breath when it'll come to it's release date.

Nice gameplay showcase for Spiderman 2, although that could've warranted it's own PS Showcase altogether if they were to do a 10 min. thing.

Anywoo, like I said before, this needed to be the big showcase that could justify what to look for with the PS5 this year and if they had a chance to reach the lofty goals of 25M shipped consoles sold.
Suffice to say, I simply hope they have another presentation in a few months to rectify what happened here because I'm sorry to say this but ...

This was not enough, like at all, especially on the first party side. 3rd party showcasing was more than decent enough though, just a bit too much CGI trailer with no gameplay per usual,lol

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