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It was good. There were many games, but I expected more first party stuff. Spiderman 2 looked great. But not like anything a ps4 could not handle. Perhaps it was just the stream quality. I don't know.

RE4VR2 was an absolut highlite for me. Currently playing RE8VR and loving it.
That ninja/samurai game, I thought for a second it was Nioh 3, that looked really cool.

But there were a lot of shooters. And I am sick of this "attitude" of characters and the whole presentation certain games have now. The way they always come off as horribly try hard: hello fellow kids, look how cool I am. ... Perhaps I come off as an old fart. But Bungie was cool without pandering. It looked really good. The haven studios game on the other hand, that heist cg-trailer: yikes. These games have no identity to me. There is no meat on the bone. There whole story seems to be - let's be totally rad together. That square enix game aswell. Gameplay looked fun, but the characters and world: beyond forgettableness.

Anyways I hoped to see more first party stuff. But was cool though.