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Spindel said:
zeldaring said:

I really don't care about the size of the world. None of the fans of the series actually asked for a bigger world. we mainly wanted more dungeons, better performance and  graphics, a Much more refined UI. 

People that thinks like this are not fans of the series. They are fans of the formula that was basically established from OoT an onwards. 

Also you don’t seem to realize that the entire game world of BotW and TotK is the dungeon. Before BotW 3D Zelda was basically designated areas for puzzles and large swats of nothing (except a few enemies to kill). 

Before OoT there really wasn’t the Zelda concept you think is Zelda. LoZ, AoL and aLttP all played very differently with only a loose overarching concept to tie them togheter as ”Zelda” games. 

I have no problem with the series direction just saying BOTW world was already massive and all the improvements i was looking forward in the sequel didn't make it. The combat system was not updated at all.  in short this video in the bottom sums up how i felt about the game. granted my first 40-50 hours were so fun that i still would rate it a 9.