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VAMatt said:
Ayla said:

It's the only reason I'm not playing it.

I'll wait for the next Zelda game on the next Nintendo system.

If you liked Breath of the Wild, there's no reason not to play this one. It is at least as good as BOTW.  

I could make a case for scoring it a little bit lower for many of the reasons mentioned in this thread, as we are 6 years removed from Breath of the Wild, and this game was not developed for an even older system.  Also, the reuse of the exact same world (though significantly expanded) could also be seen as a negative.  I don't think I see it as a negative at this point though.

Even if we just look at graphics, they are not worse than BOTW. In some respects they are better, and in many respects they are about the same.

I'll be interested to see if there are significant improvements when this game is inevitably released for the next Nintendo system near launch.  

1080p/60fps is guaranteed thats gonna be massive.