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I was born 1990. So for me it is a weird question to consider. Ratings back than did not mean what they mean today. A mature rating meant pixel blood from block figures. There was nothing mature about it. In hindsight most, if not all games were beneath mature, since the technical limitations rendered them so.

Consider what things are on display and how they are displayed in The Last of Us Part 2. Thats mature. And then consider mortal kombat. What is even that? There can be no real equal level of maturity between the two. The one is funny for kids. The other would perhaps be haunting, or maybe just uninteresting.

I always played "mature" games. But the edge of what is considered possible to portray in a game moved forward with me. God of War 1 was mature if I remember correctly. As was gta 3. But these games seem so very tame in comparison to what mature games of today are able to (or at least try to) do.