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KLAMarine said:
the-pi-guy said:

Some people support rioting when the cause is justified, which you know believing lies that the election was stolen isn't exactly a justifiable position. Believing that unarmed black people shouldn't be shot without a trial, plenty of people view that to be a justifiable reason. 

Most importantly, I think the point isn't that rioting is bad; but that conservatives can't take the"moral highground". 

Well if rioting is justifiable in certain circumstances, prepare to encounter rioters in both causes you believe in and causes that you don't believe in.

A double-edged sword is what some would call it...

I do now and have always maintained that 1/6 would have been 100% acceptable if it was based on reality. If the election was stolen, topple the government. When it happens in other countries we cheer, because sometimes we need to stand up to protect democracy. Those are the principles that America was based on. 

That is also why the President lying that an election has been stolen is such a ludicrously dangerous thing. The foundation of this country demands action if he is right. Knowingly lying about such a thing is tantamount to inciting a riot. 

So yeah, if this country fails us, it is our civic duty to act. If nothing changes in response to peaceful protest, whatever shall be shall be. No one is more outspoken about their belief that violence isn't off the table when the stakes are our rights than Republicans, so the sooner they start being honest about what that means, the better.