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Kirby the Forgotten Land doing about 2x the first shipment it had in it's initial quarter is pretty amazing considering Kirby aren't usually the most leg-ish games. It'll prolly add another million or more during the rest of the Switch active lifetime.

As for Xenoblade 3 ... It probably was overshipped during it's launch, just like Xenoblade DE was when it released. Still the DLC story will give the game another wind to sail on for marketing purposes so I'll expect the title to be overall do over the 2M milestone at least.

Prolly means that Xenoblade 2 will remain the best selling in the franchise until something else can challenge it.

Despite the natural decline, this is still a pretty fiscal quarter for Nintendo. Just not a height they might've wanted. I don't personally foresee any type of price cuts or revision really. Special Switch editions and such will do the necessary.

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