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Welp, I'll take this as a rumor still but forced to consider that E3 glory days are definitely past us since the pandemic happened really.

Also, for these companies, co trolling a consistent and non-confusing message is prolly best for them in the long term so I'm not surprised seeing them all going there seperate ways. Nonetheless, E3 is a much celebratory time, like Christmas, where the gaming community was almost the center of the internet attention for a week. Without it, that time might now feel like any others which is just plain sad.

As last year, I wonder how this will affect Nintendo pacing with the presentation of their Directs cuz last year, they effectively skipped it appart from the XC3 direct we had. Wonder if it'll be a new norm where Nintendo will only feel the need to showcase us their games announcements only twice a year.

This could amp the antics of each individual Direct because it's obvious they could become more packed as a result but also excruciating because gamers would actually need to be patient even more than before.

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