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ConservagameR said:

Just tore through 1899.
My gosh it was fantastic. Reminded me a bit of Inception, The Matrix, The Order 1886, and Destiny.
Is it just me or is that triangle symbol, that 30 Seconds to Mars also uses, not a coincidence, or am I crazy?

When I immediately went looking for info about season 2 after finishing, man was I shocked. Season 2 and 3 cancelled? WTF? This turn of events is even more confusing than the show was, though not in a pleasant manner this time.

It's a truly brilliant show - love how they tighten the grip by adding all the language barriers and making the characters rely more on sheer human touch for understanding. Also, the music is amazing, disturbing and downright whacky at times, it fits the tone of the show perfectly.

I'll be starting "Dark" within the next few weeks. It's from the same writers and producers, and it's supposed to be really good as well. And, as a bonus, there's actually 3 seasons of it.