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zero129 said:
KratosLives said:

Not sure if this is an issue on ps5/series x, but on the series s, there is a grainy, shimmering effect on objects, usually present in large outdoor areas, usually the trees and the water, grassy plains and so ,  which can be distracting.  Horizon forbidden west had the same issue on performance mode for the ps5, which the finally fixed after 3 months. I wish the dev team behind a plague tale can learn from guerilla and get the game patched so I can enjoy a clean smooth image.  

Most be a Series S problem. Maybe from lower res or something?. On PC the game looks amazing. So id imagine that on Series X Ps5 it also would look great. Anyway if it is a Series S problem and you enjoy what you played maybe you should buy it for the PS5?.

I'm not sure if it's only a series s issue, as the same thing happened on horizon on a ps5. I'd only buy it forps5 if it ran at 60fps.