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Slownenberg said:
Chrkeller said:

BotW 2 was announced in 2019, with a video of the in game graphics, and is releasing in 2023...  Prime 4 literally has nothing to show for itself.  Fingers crossed I am crazy and you are right.

But TotK is coming out in exactly 4 months from today and literally we've only ever gotten two videos of it and no other details since that announcement four years ago. Granted, yes, we haven't seen anything about Prime 4, which is slightly less than what we've gotten about TotK, but its also not coming out in 4 months. Take Bayonetta 3 for example, there was zero footage or details about the game for years other than 'we are working on it' until it was announced with a launch date last year.

There may indeed be more problems with the Prime 4 development, but the fact that we haven't heard anything about Prime 4 or seen any footage doesn't say anything one way or another about how development is going and when it is coming out. It could totally come out this Fall and the fact that we haven't heard anything about it yet would be completely normal.

That said, if could be possible Prime 4 could end up being a cross-gen game coming out at launch like Z:TP and Z:BotW, as some are suggesting. That would still give Prime 4 the chance to sell to 140m+ people on the Switch, and allow it to be the big one-player launch game to go alongside MK9. Though if taking this route Prime 4 would likely only get like a resolution boost on the next-gen as they aren't going to redo the graphics for the next-gen version, which makes the likelihood of any cross gen launch game seem much lower. The two cross-gen launch Zelda games we got were the two generations when the Nintendo system barely increased in power (GC -> Wii, WiiU -> Switch) so that launching a game developed for the previous gen didn't look out of place on the next-gen. But that obviously will not be the case with Switch -> Switch 2.

And given that Prime 4 restarted development 4 full years ago, it seems unlikely that they would have switched over to developing it for the next gen rather than for the Switch. More likely than not Prime 4 will just be one of the final big first party offerings on the Switch. 

I don't disagree with any of your points.  I'm not claiming Prime 4 is in trouble as a fact, just stating my personal fear.  My fear could be wrong.  I hope it is wrong, given the series is excellent.  

Bayo 3, just my opinion, is the weakest in the series.  I liked it, but didn't love it.  Bayo 2 was far better.


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