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Farsala said:
Norion said:

Switch did very well and the Xbox Series is doing better than the Xbox One did but man the PS5 sales here are unfortunate with it being down massively compared to last year and in total only selling half of what the PS4 sold so far launch aligned. At least it should for sure do much, much better this year and easily go above 300k and hopefully past 400k. They'll have permanently lost a notable amount of sales here due to stock being awful for so long but lost sales will stop happening soon thankfully.

Agree with everything, but this thread needs more posts. So here I am.

Honestly PS5 had good stock in UK and US? But at what cost?

Prioritizing the most competitive markets when there isn't enough stock is the right move but man it's doomed the PS5 to have no chance of catching up to the PS4 in markets like Spain. They should make sure to prioritize the markets they neglected this year at least a bit since they'll be huge pent up demand.