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Blood_Tears said:

You can tell from the recent comments made by Spencer and other MS executives that they have some attitude regarding Sony for all of this. I say good on Sony for that. If you recall the Bethesda purchase, Spencer specifically said he couldn’t talk about where games were going to be in the future because the deal was not done at the time and for legal reasons he couldn't say anything. That was specifically said to deflect the fact he was taking future Bethesda games away from Sony. (Making them smaller) Now all of the sudden he can hand out 10 year deals to everyone when it comes to CoD on other platforms. I thought he couldn’t make arrangements like that due to legal issues? It’s because he was lying the first time around is why.

You see, when you don’t challenge MS when they make these acquisitions, they will take away these games from Sony or whoever else. They’re deflecting now because someone actually stood up to them and now they are scared as it keeps Spencer awake at night. He can blast them in the media with PR statements all he wants but the fact of the matter is all these extra concessions are because Sony stood up to them this time.

Earlier in the year, they offered 3 extra years to Sony and that was it. Now they’re tweeting in the middle of the night offering 10 years deals to everyone the night before an FTC meeting. So congrats to Nintendo and Valve for getting offered 10 year deals but it’s because of Sony that this happened. These are calculated PR moves and desperate attempts to get this deal passed.

You need to stand up and challenge MS in this new era. Otherwise you’re going to lose the Bethesda’s of the world and the franchises that were once on your platform like Elder Scrolls, Fallout, etc. “When we all play, we all win”

Sony can go get bent, lol. 

They've been keeping games off other platforms for decades. Frankly it's funny to see them squirm now that someone else decided to play the same game they do but have more money to do so. 

The fact that it took like 20 years for Final Fantasy VII to show up on any Nintendo system and FF7 Remake is still being blocked from releasing on XBox platforms is utter bullshit.